The Vicious Cycle of Unhealthy Thinking

Anxiety is a normal part of our body's stress response. It’s our natural biological reaction to telling us something isn't right, or prepare us to act quickly in the face of danger. But if the anxiety becomes overwhelming and persistent, it may start to interfere with daily functioning. Individuals with persistent anxiety tend to be very hard on themselves and strive for perfection. They may also seek constant approval or reassurance from others.
Brené Brown on Blame
Listed below are several Apps that are available to help with coping with daily symptoms of stress and anxiety. If anxiety symptoms become pervasive or interfering with daily functioning, it is recommended to seek help from a counselor or physician who can further assess and make recommendations.
Self-Help Anxiety Management App (SAM)

Iphone and Android. Helps you regain control of anxiety and emotions through calming and relaxation practices.

The Worry Box

Iphone and Android. Cognitive Behavioral therapy app designed to teach you if something is within or out of your control. You learn to identify irrational thoughts that lead to stress and anxiety.

Mindshift App

Iphone and Android users. Designed specifically for teens and young adults to help develop better ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety.

Stop Panic and Anxiety App

Android users only. Uses emotion and relaxation training auto tracks to help you fight your fears and find a state of calm.

Allison Fond, M.A. LPC-S

Intervention Counselor
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