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September 2016

Each child will be honored, respected, and empowered to achieve success in school and life.

North Carolina Early Learning Sensory Support Program for Children with Visual Impairments

NC Department of Public Instruction

Office of Early Learning

September's Quote

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

-Edith Wharton


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ELSSP Opening Convocation 2016

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Professional Development Opportunities

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2016 NCaeyc 63rd Annual Conference

Raleigh Convention Center
500 Salisbury St.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601 USA

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Registration Deadline
Friday, September 9, 2016


Children with Sensory Processing Differences: Approaches to Supporting Engagement & Participation

September 27, 2016

Eastern Area Health Education Center 2600 W. Arlington Blvd. Greenville, NC


The 12th Annual Eastern Region Intellectual

and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Services Conference

October 20 & 21, 2016 October 20 & 21, 2016

Holiday Inn 203 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC


5th Annual NCIMHA Conference and Annual Meeting - Science of Resilience:

Building Adult Capabilities to Promote Early Childhood Mental Health


Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC



Welcome to CONNECT Courses! This series of eight self-paced and self-guided courses uses an approach that focuses on and responds to the challenges faced each day by those working with young children and their families in a variety of learning environments and inclusive settings.

“All young children with disabilities should have access to inclusive high-quality early childhood programs, where they are provided with appropriate support in meeting high expectations.”
- Policy Statement on Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services & U.S. Department of Education, September 14, 2015



This year the NC Dept. of Public Instruction 66th Conference on Exceptional Children will be held November 9th-10th (Pre Conference Nov. 8th). One of our own, Joy Fleming, has been invited to present. Joy will be presenting "Creating Transition Forms for Multihandicapped Infants and Preschool Children" in a session during the General Conference. Please come out and support Joy and learn more about Exceptional Children.

ELSSP Opening Convocation 2016

ELSSP Opening Convocation was held on August 10th and 11th in Raleigh, NC. On Day 1, both sections of Early Learning (Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired) were welcomed back by Dr. Vivian James and John Pruette. The two sections spent a large part of the day learning about Natural Learning Environment Practices and coaching with M’Lisa Shelden and Dathan Rush. In the afternoon the Human Resources Department (DPI) introduced their team and discussed the Manager Toolkit. Day 1 ended with Mandy Hice (Social Worker II) presenting to both HI and VI on “Stress Reduction”. On Day 2, the two sections attended different trainings specific to their areas. Please see the pictures and Flipagram below highlighting the Convocation.

Early Learning Sensory Support Program Staff

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ELSSP/VI Make It...Take It Day 2


Opening Convocation via Flipagram

Video by Bethany Mayo

Featuring Best Day of My Life by American Authors

Passions We Need For Starting The Year

1. We need to keep our passion for the process of teaching and learning- a process which includes everything that research and experience tell us is necessary.

2. We need a sincere passion for the uniqueness of each student, the potential that lies within each student, and the conviction that all students can learn.

3. We need to nurture our passion for each day- because this is the only certain opportunity we have to affect student learning.

4. We must really believe that what we are teaching students is important and will empower them to be successful in their own environment.

5. We must always hold the passionate belief that we make a difference.

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”

- Willa Cather

O & M Information

Many of the early concepts associated with O&M can be supported by transdisciplinary team members. The inclusion of COMS (Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist) who have early childhood training and experience is important. COMSs have specialized knowledge about orientation and mobility and will support children in becoming competent and confident early travelers. Only COMSs are qualified to prescribe adaptive mobility devices for the purpose of independent travel and to introduce pre-canes and the long cane. (Early Intervention Training Center for Infants and Toddlers with Visual Impairments)

COMS will provide appropriate child specific training for the family, TVI, and other team members as designated by the COMS to provide O&M concepts, skills, strategies, or techniques. COMS will determine team members to train and supervise with child specific O&M concepts, skills, strategies, or techniques. Please consult with ELSSP/VI COMS for assessment or any questions you may have concerning orientation & mobility. (ELSSP/VI-O&M)

Pumpkins and Prizes Raleigh, NC

WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 8th, 11am-1pm
Governor Morehead School for the Blind, Raleigh, NC

MORE INFORMATION: For more information and to register, send an email to with the number of adults and children that will be attending. For the children, please be sure to include ages to help us with planning. Or click "Contact NC-APVI" below.

Helpful Website

The EIVI Professionals is a website developed by Illinois State University. It is a site for TVIs and O&Ms serving infants and toddlers. It allows for sharing resources, intervention ideas, and recommended practices in the field of early intervention visual impairments. The site contains information areas such as understanding development and planning a family centered session. The site states it will "provide a platform for collaboration and education throughout the nation". Check it out today!

September Staff Birthdays

September 20th Joy Fleming

September 22nd Heather Bradford

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