2 Weeks Left!!

Give it your all!!


PLEASE if you have any of the book club books I NEED them ASAP-- I've asked for them to be returned every day, first thing in the morning. I am missing several, which is hindering people from getting finished. Even if you don't think you have one, please check your desk, backpack, car and home for: A Week in the Woods, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Nature Girl, Leepike Ridge, and Hatchet.

The Change Drive to support Exile International is this week. Details are in last week's Smore.

5/11- AR Millionaire Field Trip

5/13- Last day to take AR tests

5/16- Service Club Field Trip

5/16- Book Club blue packet, and book report project due

5/17-5/20- Half days (dismissal at 11:30)

5/19- EOY party- no inflatables, party will begin at 9:00??

5/20- Awards Day

YOU MUST BE FINISHED READING YOUR BOOK CLUB BOOK BY FRIDAY- 2 Test grades and 1 quiz grade depend on this book study


See note above about my books! :)

If you have questions about anything that's due for me this month, please come talk to me!


Monday -We will wrap up the Persian Gulf War

Tuesday -Most students will retake the States Quiz. Please have them review on their ipads or doc attached.

Wednesday -Begin survival skills/first aid

Friday -Special guests from the VA Hospital will spend the day with us, demonstrating CPR and First Aide

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FRIDAY -Chapter 13 Test