American Hisotry

Over 200 years of pure History in one country


American HistoryHistory- It all started in the 5th grade. I found a cool looking book about World War 2. ‘The Battle of Poland ‘the book was called. As the 10 year old mind I had the, war/violence was the very thing I worshiped.  So I checked out the book and started reading. I grew fond of history and started reading more books. I was done with all the World War 2 books that they had in the school so I wanted to learn more. More that could increase my knowledge of history. I started getting interested in politics.

My History of History

Subheading My proof is that, most kids today are not into History. Most think it’s a boring class, for me I make an A+ almost all of the time in School. I know more history then most of the kids at CTMS combined. The only people who may know more than me are the TAG kids. But you can’t blame them. They have high standers from their teachers and parents. 

Towords the end of my History

 I like American History for lots of reasons. The sheer fact that one country that started out a small country that was thought as doomed from the start.  Then turned into this blooming nation have today. I would have to say my favored part of American history would be... I guess from Americans moving west, all the way to the end of the Cold War. That large chunk of American history has to be my Favorite part of all time.

The Present

My thought on the Present now, I still love history it’s who I am. I love my American History class with Mr. Dennis. I still remember the book  I started reading in the 5th grade that got me into History and then American History. My 7th grade Texas History teacher also shared my love of History, and I did enjoy his class very much. Ill have to say, my love of Hisotry will never end.