The Sunshine State

Why i Chose Florida

I chose Florida as the one place in the world that I would live in for many obvious reasons. The main reasons such as the weather, the attractions, the atmosphere and the housing. These are many reasons for anyone who is looking to live a happy, easy going life. This is why many people chose to retire here.

The weather

The weather is the most amazing part of Florida. When you open up your eyes to sunshine everyday it gives you the positive energy you need to get your day started. You never have to worry about bundling up and wearing anything more than a sweater. You are able to take long walks every day and release any stress that you may have accumulated throughout the day. This amazing weather also brings an enormous amount of year- long fresh fruit and vegetables. Imagine eating oranges picked from your tree in your backyard!

Disney world

The happiest place in the world, Disney World is of course in Florida. Imagine being able to go to Disney World every single day. Or how about it being literally in your backyard. Although very expensive, the opportunity to be within walking distance to such outstanding amusement parks would truly make me the happiest person in the world. Living in Florida would mean that you would be able to visit each of the parks over a few days or weeks. You don’t have to worry booking a flight and hotel room, or the exchange rate. How great would that be! Let’s not forget about Universal Studios. WOW! Another amazing place! Living in Florida you can take your time experiencing all of these parks without the stress of timelines.

living in Florida

Imagine living in a home where you have sliding doors leading out from your kitchen to your backyard to green grass, your top of the line barbeque and a warm kidney shaped pool with a slide that you can use all year round! Most of the houses in Florida have pools in order help keep you cool. Palm trees are also very popular and you see a lot of them surrounding people’s homes to help with the shade. Really, why would anyone want any shade from the blazing sun?

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