A Party in West Egg

Many people attended the glamorous party of the one and only Jay Gatsby. Even Gatsby's neighbor Nick Carraway was there. The main people present at this enormous get together were some of New York's richest millionaires. We even have some professional athletes who attended the extravagant party, like the pro golfer Jordan Baker! It's obvious that this was another amazing party by Gatsby, drinks were served, music was played and the general mood of the party seemed to be happy and enjoyable. Based on this party, the American high society is very laid back when they're not getting drunk at parties. They have no worries or any cares in the world. The only things that matter are love, money, and parties.


Rumors have been spreading about the host of this marvelous party, Jay Gatsby. We've heard that:

  1. he once killed a man
  2. he was a German spy during the world
  3. he was in the army
  4. and finally that he was from Oxford.