Friday Message - May 13, 2016

Building Successful Futures - Every Student Every Day

We have had such a great week of activities! This Friday Message will really be about all the great events that have taken place this week for students at AHS! To start it off we had a wonderful league track meet last night! Thank you to everyone who did such a huge amount of hard work to pull of this big event!!! We have an exhibition race at each of our meets. Last night's was amazing in that every member of the schools we were competing against ran with Jason and cheered him on! It was great to see such great sportsmanship!!
The next event took place today with our Seniors visiting the elementary school students! This was a wonderful opportunity for the young students to see the graduates and aspire to graduate from high school in a few years!! All of the students had such a fun time with this new tradition!
We also had a special visiter from the State Department in the district today! Mrs. Deena Horst visited all schools in the district today and toured the high school this morning! She was able to visit with quite a few students and participate in some of the activities that were going on today! She had a great time in the video production room and was welcomed and taken on a tour by a few of our Student Amabassadors!