Weekly Update

January 10 - January 14

Weekly Action Teams

Monday: Crisis Team

Tuesday: LiM Action Teams (Student Data & Data Driven Lessons-Jan, Staff Core Booster Team-Dawn, Environment-Angel, Traditions/Clubs-Lydia & Cathy)


Thursday: MTSS/STAT

Friday: ILT

Action Team Members 21-22

{Room 106 from 7:50-8:25 am}

Jury Duty

If I'm absent this week, it's because I'm on jury duty.


Staff Meetings: LMC @ 7:50am

Monthly Staff Meetings --- 3rd MONDAY of each month

January - No Staff Meeting

February 14th (time TBD since this is a No School PD Day)

March 7th

April 18th

May 16th

Important Dates

January 17th

MLK Jr. Day


Zoom scheduled at 8am (will last 30-45 minutes)

Rest of the morning until 11:30 is a day of service on your own


Afternoon is teacher directed


Zoom scheduled at 8am (will last 30-45 minutes)

Rest of the morning until 11:30 is a day of service on your own

Leesa will clock ALL associates in that morning from 8-12


Afternoon will be spent at Wallace for training with Vickie McCool for ALL associates. Clock in at Wallace from 12:30-4pm.

ALL associates will work from 8-4 on January 17th, regardless of your normal hours.

Be on the lookout for a specific email from the District Office.

THERE WILL BE NO STAFF MEETING HELD ON January 17th AT LAWSON (for the month of January).

January 19th @ 7:50 in the LMC (Michelle C. & Nikki R.)

3-5th grade teachers and Nikki PW

Book Recommendation Guidance for ELA/ELP Teachers (Family Communication about books used in class)

January 28th

Tentatively plan on a Beach/Reading Day – more details coming…

Elementary Winter Assessment Information

  • Our JCSD Window for literacy (grades DK-5) is January 10 – 21.
  • Math (grades 1-4) continues for an additional week through January 28.
  • All Letters (Cover Letter, FAST Family Report, Pat-R/At-Risk Letters, Reading Support Entrance/Exit – if applicable) Home on Feb 10
        NEW Literacy Contracts handed out in person at Feb/March conferences (mostly DK/kinder but potentially a few other additions too)
      • February 11 – All Student Success Plans Updated
      • Week of February 14 – All NEW progress monitoring to begin

Varsity Basketball Team

The varsity boys basketball team will be visiting Lawson to read to some classes. Coach Frick thought that it would be fun for the boys to go back to their elementary school to read to kids and see former teachers. Please let me know if you are interested in a reader on Wednesday, January 12 from 2:00-2:25. We can expect 6 readers.

January 12th - Lawson 2:00-2:25 6 signed up (requested so far: Ault, Sesker, Easter, Olson, Weite, Kosmicki)

Birthday Treat Reminder

Students should not bring treats to share for their birthdays. They can bring in something tangible to share (pencils, stickers, trinket, etc.). We decided at the beginning of the school year to refrain from bringing in snacks or treats that can be eaten.

Thanks for adhering to this standard so we are all doing the same thing in terms of birthday treats at Lawson.

Leader in Me

Folder of organized resources

Nikki's Week at a Glance...

Monday 10: Day 5 {Possible Jury Duty this week}

  • Jan/Nikki Meeting
  • Tier 2 & Crisis Team
  • Pre-Observation Meeting
  • 4th Grade Planning
  • IEP Meeting (Zoom) / K. Ryan

Tuesday 11: Day 6

  • Office Stand Up Meeting
  • LiM Action Teams
  • 2nd Grade Planning
  • 5th Grade PLC (Nikki cannot attend)
  • DK PLC (Nikki cannot attend)
  • Principal/IC Meeting (9-12pm)
  • PD Check In (Amber/Nikki)
  • Teacher Observation
  • Standards Based Mindset Group (4-5:30pm)
  • MGP IEP Meeting / Gilmore (Nikki cannot attend)
  • PTO Meeting - 2nd Grade (option to attend in person or zoom in to share what is going on in 2nd grade)

Wednesday 12: Day 1

  • Jan/Nikki Meeting
  • Special Education PLC
  • RA Zoom PLC
  • MTSS Meeting (Conference Room)
  • 3rd Grade PLC
  • PD: Responsive Small Groups: Focus
  • Leesa/Nikki Meeting

Thursday 13: Day 2 {Possible PM Fire Drill}

  • Jan/Nikki Meeting
  • MTSS/STAT meeting / Kosmicki & team
  • Amber/Nikki Meeting
  • 4th Grade PLC
  • Heartland AEA / Admin Meeting
  • 1st Grade PLC
  • Furniture Work Session Phase 1 (4-5pm)

Friday 14: Day 3

  • ILT
  • 2nd Grade PLC

Don’t Forget what’s HIDING in the HUB!

  • Check Up Team Agenda & Action Items
  • PBIS Agenda & Action Items
  • Computer Labs/Carts Sign-Up & Schedule
  • ILT Agenda & Action Items
  • LEAD Agenda & Action Items

Reminder for staff to keep checking the HUB… also so teachers can add agenda items / requests for the action teams to think about….