From Coco Beans To Chocolate



Mmm.... do you no how chocolate is made I bet you don't.So read this article to learn haw its farmed made!


The process starts with cutting down the coco pods. Then you cut out the coco beans. All of coco beans get laid out in the sun for week. Then get sen't to the factory.


The coco beans get cleaned,cooked,and crashed. And it gets sterd over and over and over agen. After that you add shiger, cream, and coco budder for more taste.


You can bie chocolate from eney groshrea store like wallmart, Hive, cosco , and a gass station.

Fun Facts

Chocolate was frist coled chokalotow. In the 18 hundreds people drank chocolate.Did you no chocolate includes vary little caftean. Did you no the same amawt of cavtey is in coffe. Sweet foods don't mack people hiper the likely choze is that they had chocolate not whats in it.


thank you for reading.
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