In Central America and the Caribbean Islands

Physical Geography (land and climate)

  • Covers about5,324 square miles
  • Delaware and Rhode Island are about the size of Puerto Rico
  • The best natural ports of the caribbean
  • About 4% of the land is available to cultivation
  • The temperature averages to 70 to 80 degrees farenhite
    (year round)
  • Some hurricanes have hit Puerto Rico
  • Land has been set aside to protect nations flora and fauna

Culture Geography (history and government)

  • Indigenous Taino people lived here first
  • slavery was not stop untell 1873
  • spanish government controlled Puerto Rico for sometime
  • 1897 Puerto Rico self-ruled the leadership of the government
  • common wealthers citizens do not pay income tax and does not vote in U.S. elections

Economy (Agriculture and Tourism)

  • 3% of the population is in agriculture
  • tourism provids most of the jobs in Puerto Rico
  • Unemployment is higher then the U.S.
  • most of the goods MUST be expoted
  • Puerto Rico uses U.S. dollars