By: Madyson, Audrey, Liza, and Kayden

hospital jobs

A hospital surgeon does surgeries on people. Secretary’s work at the front desk. You tell what happened they tell the doctor. Then the doctor will come get you for your appointment. Emergency medical attention rides in the ambulance to come and get you then they take you to the hospital.

Hospital Tools

  • A blood-pressure cuff measures how hard you heart is working
  • An otoscope has a light at the end that helps doctors look into your nose and ears.
  • An IV is a tube with a needle at the end. Then the needle goes into a vein and drips medicine into the vein
  • A stethoscope is what doctors use to listen to your heart
  • A thermometer takes your temperature of your body. when you're healthy you're usually 98.6 degrees F

Emma Theiler club foot

When Emma Theiler was born she had club foot. Club foot means that both her feet were very bent. After three years after she is running, skipping and jumping like a normal child.

Saverio's Brain injury

Saverio got hit by a speeding car, he went to the hospital with a severe brain injury, a crushed left leg and other severe bone and muscle injuries he got many surgeries got transferred to different hospitals alot. He was in a coma for a while but he got out okay.

Fun facts about hospitals:

  • There is about 125 hospitals in Iowa
  • there is 5564 registered hospitals in the U.S
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