Zombie Apocalypse Survival Time

Find A Place To Survive

Coastal Range?

There us rocky beaches and rocks around the pacific coast.It also has rugged mountains and fertile valleys.It is also around the Pacific Ocean.

I give this place a four because the rocks can help you hide. But sense their are not that high it may be hard to hide. It will also be easier for the zombies to find you.

Rocky Mountains?

There are very tall high sharp mountains. There are also younger and taller mountains and could be dangerous. It also contains the continental divide.

I give it a rating of a seven because the rocks can help you climb and hide behind them. Sense their high the zombies might fall as they climb. But they are also dangerous for us cause we could fall of too.

Basin And Range?

There are some high rocks and some low rocks their. The Colorado river is also their. There are also some redish color rocks their too.

I give it a five because the rocks could help you. And their also be some high rocks sense it is next to the Rocky Mountains. But their are also some low rocks which will be harder to hide behind.

Great Plains

Their is lots of dry grass their. And their is also a lot of flat dry land their also.

I rate this place a six because sense their is flat land the zombies could find you faster cause it is so flat and nowhere to hide. It's also easier cause you won't trip and fall.