"Think & Grow Rich" Celebration!

December 20, 2019 at Sunna's

Women of Prosperous Hearts - Holiday Celebration!! 2019

WOPH - has been designed for Women who are in business or who are longing to start their own business and are looking for a place to get support, be understood and inspired! We assume organically we will create relationships with each other, use each others services and pass business to each other.

This coming year 2020 we are pleased to announce we will apply to become non-profit organization! This will create lots of opportunity for all of us! It will allow us expand our reach to many women from many walks of life.

The various venues we have, with the expansion, it will help create opportunities for many women. Thus help them create the life they desire and love!

Plus we will continue our speaker events. The topics will consist of growing your finances and building your health physically, mentally & spiritually.

We'll also continue our traditional 10 month sessions developing "Financial Growth Consciousness" in our "Think & Grow Rich" Mastermind Group that incorporates Napoleon Hill's message in his book "Think & Grow Rich", a proven system that will increase your income many fold.

We will continue our annual giving back by taking part in an annual fundraiser for Human Rights. Last year we attended Knock Out Abuse and participated in their fundraiser.

We are excited to announce we want to continue to develop and mentor our next generation of young women! In Lieu in becoming a non profit, it will allow us to expand this part of WOPH which is so needed - so we can create the world we so desire!

Sunna's Place

Friday, Dec. 20th, 6:30-9pm

8817 1/2 Belford Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

RSVP by contacting Sunna Vaerst at 310.384.0030 or sunna@sunnavaerst.com

Dinner will be provided

Parking is on the street yet a bit congested.

Women of Prosperous Hearts

The title of the group came from the book "Prosperous Hearts" by Julia Cameron (author of "The Artist's Way") which talks about creating a life of enough. We "Women of Prosperous Hearts" think and feel we are enough. We like to share this with the world around us; our family, friends and communities. Thus we of like minded women meet to support and reinvigorate each other so that we can share our passion and purpose for living a life of enough!

Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Women of Prosperous Hearts: “Women of Prosperous Hearts” has been created to support and inspire women who have their own business or are longing to start their own business."

Our community of like minded women supports and inspires each other to courageously take the next step to a more fulfilling life. We believe that taking care of yourself first is the beginning of creating a life of enough.

We also give back by providing yearly fundraisers for Human Rights. And we give back by supporting and mentoring the next generation. We want to assure this message moves from one generation to next.

In return, we hope that each woman will share her unique talents with passion and purpose in her daily life.