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From the Management Team Desk

Message from Steve

Welcome to the New Year. As we progress this year we have a lot of tasks that need to be completed. The main discussion items at the recent Melbourne seminar included preparation for the CRE renewal, implementing a better biobank system, data management, the area of therapeutics and program governance. The implementation of the SharePoint system will improve communications within the group and more so with our collaborators, making a shared space to work on the same documents in real time. The CI's are moving to monthly meetings in 2014 to get through the share volume of items that need to be discussed, this should facilitate a smoother work flow back to us at the coal face.

It is also time to be innovative with our funding sources. We need to consider where our money comes from and does it support the research and management of the AREST program. Furthermore we want to improve community engagement with our families, this will require putting in place workable strategies.

I look forward to working with you all in 2014 as we keep building exciting possibilities for AREST, please continue to share your research and management ideas with the entire team.

Best wishes for 2014, Steve

Welcome to Marc Padros

Marc joined the AREST CF team as Data Manager in November 2013, bringing with him vast technical experience within a wide range of software packages. Of course, we have welcomed him to our Re-Base platform, to which he has been straight down to work. He has put together a long list of tasks that will need to be implemented to care for our precious data set. Marc also identified that there is a lot of data outside of Re-Base associated with AREST. He is happy to assist you with any AREST data sets, including those not housed in Re-Base. It would be a good idea to get Marc involved at inception of your project, as he has the expertise to guide you in the right direction of collection and storage of your projects data.

AREST CF Website

In early 2014 we will be planning our new AREST CF website. This will be specifically for our families and outside consumers. It is planned to be live in mid February 2014. It will have information specifically about our AREST program, with links to CF Australia and other CF information. This is so we don't have to update and maintain the site constantly about CF. The site will be for our families and community to enable them to engage with us and our research activities. If you want to see something specific on the website or have any great and grand ideas please email Annemarie Naylor (


SharePoint is growing daily now, with more and more content being created and uploaded. AREST SharePoint is a secure platform for our shared documents. Meaning, we can see a document together, make comments and changes that can easily be shared with others. It will also decrease the amount of emails that clutter your inbox. Training is currently being arranged, please make the time to attend a session.

If you are from outside the Telethon Institute in Perth please complete a SharePoint access form and return it to us. Email

Monthly AREST Newsletter

Our wonderful research group has grown in to a large international colaboration of researchers from all corners of the globe. Connecting with each other on a regular basis is an intergral to the success of our operations. The pivotal idea of this newsletter will provide us with the opportunity to (as the name suggests) connect with each other. Thus providing us with the means in which we can communicate and know what is happening in our wider AREST CF community. I plan to do bios monthly so that you know who is who in the team. If you have a news item to add or want to share information with the team, please email it to Annemarie Naylor (

CI's Teleconference Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 11:30am

100 Roberts Road

Subiaco, WA

Start times

Perth 11.30

Brisbane 13.30

Melbourne 14:30

Perth Local Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 21st, 12pm

100 Roberts Road

Subiaco, WA

To be held in the Bibbulung Room. Please send any agenda items to Annemarie Naylor, its the first one back for the year.

ERS Abstract Deadline ~ 2014

A friendly reminder that the deadline for abstract submission for ERS is

21 February 2014.

ERS registration opens in April 2014

ERS will be held in Munich 6 - 10 September 2014