Room 3 News

Mrs. McCarthy

Week of May 9th, 2016

May 10th Field Trip to Legoland *Remember to send a disposable lunch with your child. No lunch pails, glass or metal containers.

May 12th PIQE 9:00 am Solana Vista, 6:00 pm Skyline

Language Arts

Comprehension Skill: Make Inferences - When you make an inference, you figure out what information the author left out of the story by using clues and what you already know from real life.

Comprehension Strategy: Ask questions -As we read, when we want to find out more information, we ask ourselves questions, finding the answers, helps us understand the story.

Phonics: words with au, aw

Spelling Words: early, instead, thought, nothing, along, cause, saw, claw, paw, dawn, fault, awful

Dictation: I yawn when I wake up at dawn.

Do you always draw small cars?

Grammar: Pronouns

High Frequency Words: along, early, instead, nothing, thought

Robust Vocabulary: dares, humble, permit, predicament, solution

Eureka Math

We are returning to module 4, in which students will dive deeper into place value.

Parent Information

Opinion Writing

Students are moving forward in their writing by stating their opinions and giving details to support them.