Million Dollar Project

I am going to Las Vegas


I will buy tickets to go to Las Vegas the tickets cost $1,209.07.


While I am in Las Vegas I am going to buy eight cars and they all cost $472,000.07. The type of car I am buying is a mustang.


I am going to buy eight cars while I am in Las Vegas. The cost of my eight cars cost $472,000.07.

Four Wheeler

I am also going to buy eight four wheeler's. In all they cost $48,4792.07. The color of my four wheeler's are camouflage.


I am going to buy 100 gallons of gas. The total cost of gas that I am buying is $342.07 for my gas.


I am Going to buy seven dresses and the total of all my dresses cost $470.07.
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I am going to buy ten pairs of shoes for $100.07
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I am going to buy twelve diamond bracelets, earring, and necklaces. In all the total is $1,200.07.


While I am in Las Vegas I am gong to go to seven restaurants. All these restaurants cost $4,410.07.

Left Over Money

I have $436,697.93 left over. With the rest of that money I will give it to the Harlan Commnuity Intermediate School. the reason why I am giong to give all this money to the Harlan Community Intermediate School is because I go to that shcool and the teachers are great.

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