Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 20 News/Updates "Happy Holiday's and Action Required"

Team Message:

“Forget yesterday - it has already forgotten you. Don't sweat tomorrow - you haven't even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift - today.”
Steve Maraboli

It's week 20 Team and you are not only still standing, you are breaking down barriers that in the past would have broken you. Below you will find news and updates about CPD pre-work and expectations and semester 2 curriculum and instruction expectations. There will not be any new resources per our usual Newsletter, because new resources will be shared at CPD.

Remember, YOU are and always have been the difference makers! Reach out to Katrina or Krysten whenever needed or simply wanted.

Reminder: 3-5 Math Teachers on Katrina's direct Coaching Caseload Please complete the survey sent out by Lauren Cox today! If you have not already.

Curriculum and Instruction Updates and Reminders:

  • Up to date pacing calendars for semester 2 have been loaded to sharepoint and emailed to teachers. Pacing will be crucial for TNReady preparation and closing out the year with a bang. The pacing calendar is so tight that if you get off pace more than a couple days you will not have taught all skills assessed on TNReady part 1!
  • Due to the increasing number of questions received about the TNReady calculator policy, we have dropped the calculator policy on sharepoint. Scroll down to additional planning resources.

ANET 2 action plans:
  • A2 action plans should be integrated into the pacing. This can be accomplished by dropping re-teach skills directly on the pacing calendar so you know when and where they will be addressed again. When lesson plans are written for weeks 21-26 you can highlight skills that are A2 re-teach skills and drop the actions or next steps from your action plan directly on to your new lesson plan. Think "SEAMLESS INTEGRATION vs. In Addition To!"

Pacing Tip for Semester 2:

  • Print your grade level pacing calendar and keep it next to your desk for easy referencing when needed.
  • Stay in close contact and collaborate often with your grade level peers across schools. Remember, we need a TEAM of Stephen Curry's! "If you got it, YOUR teammate should have it!"

CPD #2 Preparation and Pre-work

We will be LIVE!

Keeping with our value of doing whatever it takes and approaching tasks with limitless possibilities, we have decided to invite students for "live" as close to real practice as we can get!

Guided Math Practice Session Flow:

  1. The session will start with a 15 to 20 minute "live" model by Shayla Morgan. During the model you will have guided notes and reflection questions.
  2. After the model there will be a 5 min Q&A for Shayla
  3. At least 2 teachers from each grade level will deliver their (pre-planned) guided math mini-lesson. Peers will observe, take notes, and give feedback (a template will be provided)
  4. Lastly, Team Discussion on "Impact and Takeaways"

Pre-Work for the Guided Math Practice Session:

  • Prepare a 10 to 15 guided math lesson (see assigned standard below). Include all materials needed (manipulatives, papers, pencils, white boards, etc.).
  • 3rd Grade: NF A1, 4th Grade: NF A1, 5th Grade: NF A1
  • Feel free to choose any objective from under the NF A1 strand!

Planning/Collaborative Work Time:

30 min (before lunch) Pacing Expectations

  • In teams teachers will review the second semester pacing expectations and jot down any questions they may have for Katrina.
  • Teams will begin to brainstorm how best to use any "flex" days they have on the pacing calendar and start deciding what curricular materials and resources will be needed for those days.
  • If time permits, teachers can proceed to the collaborative planning session

120 min Quarter 3 Collaborative Planning and Preparation (Deliverable(s): at least one week completely planned including all accompanying materials for Week 23 Jan 18th-22nd)

  • Teams will decide how to split up the work so that they can accomplish everything in the time allotted. Things to think about: which teammate will work on putting together guided notes (do nows/application problems that include the skills to spiral and exit tickets), which teammates work on actual lesson plans, and which teammate starts to pull center resources.

All deliverables should be collected by one teacher, zipped (as usual), and emailed out to the team! CC. Katrina

Individual teachers should load their completed zip files to your own school sharepoint site under lesson plans before the end of the day!

CPD Agenda: 3-5 Math

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Get EXCITED for our VERY FIRST K-5 Math Session! Each 3rd-5th Grade Teacher has been assigned station leader!

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint

This is a working hub that will evolve and grow throughout the school year. You will find both resources from Katrina and the C & I Team here.

3rd-5th Grade Math Resources and Curriculum 2015-2016 School Year direct link: (copy the whole link and paste it if it doesn't open) Math Additional Resources.aspx

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint 2014-2015 School Year Direct Link:

Looking to sharpen your curriculum knowledge? Check out the videos that support proper delivery on the ENY website.