Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade



Lunch Menu:

Monday- Salisbury Steak w/ Roll Classic Ham &Cheese Sandwich Chili Dog w/ Saltines Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Fruit & Salad Bar

Tuesday- Classic Cheese Pizza Classic Pepperoni Pizza Crispy Chicken Tacos w/ Rice Seasoned Refried Beans Fruit & Salad Bar

Wednesday- Beef Ravioli w/ Crackers Harvest Chicken Salad Breaded Chicken Sandwich Mixed Veggies Fruit & Salad Bar

Thursday- Crispy Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll Grilled Cheeseburger Crispy Chicken Wrap Spiced Green Beans Fruit & Salad Bar

Friday- No School


This week we will focus on Sensory language & Figurative language an author uses to enhance the story.

No Spelling this week!

Vocabulary Unit 4 - Multiple Meaning Words

Vocabulary & Comprehension tests on Thursday due to the short week!


We will continue with Unit #2: Algebraic Reasoning. Our focus this week will be solving problems using the correct order of operations. Students will have a quiz on Wednesday. Please be sure students are studying and talking to you about what we are learning in class.


On Monday we will review Unit #1: Science Safety and Unit #2: Physical Properties of Matter. Students will take a test on Tuesday over both units and all vocabulary. Please be sure they use their notebook to study. On Wednesday we will start Unit #3: Force & Motion. Thursday students will complete a lab over force and motion.

Social Studies

Week #4: Tension In The New Colonies. Students will read about War in the New World, Benjamin Franklin, The tension in the colonies, and learn the difference between loyalist, patriots, and neutralists. Students can read and do activities at home on