Clark Attendance Policies

Excused and Unexcused Absences

The following absences are EXCUSED:

  • Healthcare appointment/Medical treatment (Documentation required within 3 days of return to school)
  • Personal illness
  • Religious Holy Day
  • Required court appearance
  • Funeral

The following absences are UNEXCUSED:

  • Outside of school sports
  • Sibling/Parent Medical appointment
  • Non School related activities
  • Non-illness related absences
  • Out of town trips and Vacation

If your child must be absent due to one of the aboved EXCUSED reasons , you may submit a parent note or a doctor note within three days of their return to school.

Please be advised you are allowed 8 parent notes during the school year to excuse an absence. Once you have used 8 parent notes, only a doctor’s note or school nurse can excuse the absence.

A nurse excuse occurs when the nurse calls the parent and asks them to come pick up the student due to fever, vomiting or injury.

It is not a nurse sent home if the parent is called by the student when not feeling well. The nurse will let you know that this is a nurse send home

Unlike elementary school, we take attendance every period. Each time you withdraw your student, regardless of time of day, you are using a parent note unless a doctor note is submitted.

If an illness exceeds 4 successive days, a student must provide a doctor note when returning.

Extended family trips will not be excused. Your student will be allowed to make up missed assignments, but the absences will be unexcused and count towards truancy.