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November/December Stats and Newsletter

A Note From Your Director...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Ladies!! I hope you and your family all had a GREAT Christmas and were able to spend good quality time with those that you love. As 2014 begins, I, personally, have big goals. I plan to 1- step out of my comfort zone and reach those customers that I have never met and 2- PICK UP THE PHONE! What are your goals for the new year?

During the month of January, we are offering DOUBLE HOSTESS DOLLARS! Make sure your customers know this. It's not too late to squeeze a paty or two in this month. Have you had someone click on the "double hostess dollars" link on your newsletter. CALL THEM and talk to them about hosting a party.

I'm looking forward to the new year and getting to know you all on a more personal level. THIS IS OUR YEAR TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


1~ It's a new year! Contact hostesses from last year and see if they are interested in rebooking. CALL THEM!

2~ Send catalogs to your best customers! Save the receipt! It's a tax write off!

3~ Set your goals for the year! Do you want to become Senior Consultant...maybe even Director? Set the goal and make it happen! Also, share them with me so I can hold you accountable!

November and December STATS

Look who's in the spotlight...

November PERSONAL Stats

Total Team Sales ~ $9401.00

Total Team Parties Submitted ~ 19

Personal Volume ~ $1840.00

Total Parties ~ 2

Highest Party ~ $1577.00


Highest PV ~ Cerra Smith ($1876.00)

Total Parties ~ Sally Saf (5)

Highest Party Total ~ Becky Kaelin ($910.00)

December PERSONAL Stats

Total Team Sales ~ $3621.02

Total Team Parties Submitted ~ 4

Personal Volume ~ $590.91

Total Parties ~ 1

Highest Party ~ $255.00


Highest PV ~ Laura Moore ($1193.98)

Most Parties ~ Sally Saf, Becky Kaelin, Laura Moore (1)

Highest Party Total ~ Laura Moore ($873.00)