Emergence of Japan and Feudal Age

by Haydee Montes & Jalin James

Geography Sets Japan Apart

  • Japan is located on an archipelago, a chain of islands
  • Four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku
  • About the size of Montana
  • 4/5 of land are too mountainous to farm on
  • most people settle in narrow river valleys and coastal plains
  • surrounding seas both protect and isolate Japan
  • country close to mainland to learn from Korea and China
  • too far to conquer
  • lies in a region known as Ring of Fire
  • inland sea was especially an important link in various Japanese islands

Early Traditions

  • Japanese migrated from Asian mainland
  • society was divide into clans
  • Yamato clan was heartland of Japanese government
  • clans honored Kami, or superior powers that were natural or divine
  • Shinto shrines are generally located in beautiful natural surroundings
  • Japanese language is distantly related to the Korean language
  • Japan and Korea were in continuous contact with each other

The Heian Period

  • 794-1185:blending of cultures
  • imperial capital was in Heian, present day Kyoto
  • emperors performed traditional religious ceremony, while wealthy court