The Revolutionary War

by: joseph,brenna,and cora

how it all started

the revolutionary war started on apirl,18\1775and ended september,3\ is some of the wepons they used during this.

1.brown bess


3.pennsylvania rifle


5.the musket




The revolutionary war was a very brutal war. It was great Briton vs the 13 British colonies. The 13 British colonies beat great Briton but it was not easy because a total of 130,000 people died in the revolutionary war.

the revolutionary foods

bread,meat,and a "gill" of dry beans


1.why did the revolutionary war start?

2.when did the revolutionary war start?

3.what wepons did they use in the revolutionary war?

4.what was the name of the wepon that went on the tip of the gun?

5.when did the revolutionary war end?

6.why is it importat?

7.what were the popular foods during the revolutionary war?

8.what kind of clothes did people have during the revolutionary war?

9.what kind of diseases were there during the revolutionary war?