Peer Pressure

"Don't try to be the same, try to be different"

Facts about peer pressure

  • Peer pressure is the feeling pushed to be like other people
  • It can occur at all ages
  • Big role in determining who you are, how you dress and talk,act

Statistics about peer pressure

  • 70% of teens who smoke say they started smoking because their friends smoke or they felt peer pressure to try smoking.
  • 55% of teens tried drugs for the first time because they felt pressured by their friends.

Effects of peer pressure

The short-term effects of peer pressure are teens is going to feel sad and misunderstood,tired, guilty and confused. They also do badly in school and tear out good relationship. The long-term effects are they could be ignored from UNI and job positions as well as destroy their education also they could set bad example for the young generation.

How to improve and what to do?

First, you need to be careful who you hand out with and joining community or keep busy with healthy activities. Then the most important thing is to make your own decision and try to avoid situations that lead to peer pressure.
What is peer pressure? - The best way to handle it!