Edgerton Weekly #16

December 23, 2015

A Little Treat...

Many of you came in today to find a little treat left for you. The thoughtful gesture was done by Sam, one of our evening custodians. Thank you for being so thoughtful Sam! Happy Holidays!

Equity In All We Do-Domain 5 Self Reflective Conversations

As we head into January and February, we'll be having reflective conversations on Domain 5a and 5c. Here is the link to the self assessment and the reflective questions for 5a and 5c.

PLCing with Formative Assessments

The formative assessments that teams are using on the Academic PLC logs look great! As we head into January as REmonth, I thought it might be fun to REview some of the formative assessments we talked about last year. Here's a link to a menu of helpful Formative Assessments.

Big image

Difficult Conversations-Strategies and Formats

Schools that have the best climate and culture often have the best student achievement, which is something we all want. Part of having a strong culture is being able to have difficult conversations and problem solve with each other. At our last staff meeting we learned some strategies from a book called Talk It Out: The Educators Guide to Successful Difficult Conversations. Here is a link to some formats for problem solving. These are not the only formats you can use to solve problems. They are options. I’m also willing to facilitate conversations with staff members, so that’s an option too.

Heading into REmonth

Sue shared the following information as a resource for Responsive Classroom greetings, games and sharing topics. "The Origins website is a great resource. You can search by grade level and topics. If you scroll down to the "Activities" there are 256 games. If you click on "Games" you can look at the games in alphabetical order, or search by category (academic, active, team building, community building) or elementary/middle levels. https://www.originsonline.org/educator-help#all." Thanks for sharing Sue!

Rounding-Round II

I will begin rounding the week of January 4. It usually takes me a few weeks to get to everyone. Here is a link to the rounding questions that I'll be asking you when rounding. They haven't changed so, well, you guys know the drill.

It's official, teachers must relax over winter break to avoid burnout...

Just in case you weren't planning on relaxing over winter break, here's actual research on why it's important that you do!

As you head into the break, please know how much I value the work you do each day at Edgerton. I believe you are changing the course of children's' lives. I believe you are giving them the opportunities they need to live the life they deserve. I don't think there is much out there in the world that is more noble than the work you all do; helping children. I'm honored to be a part of the Edgerton School Family. See you next year friends!