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~ For Everitt Families: April 15, 2022

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Dear Everitt Families,

I'm writing this as Sources of Strength students scurry around the building getting ready for our 7th grade dance and game night. They continue to be exceptional leaders this year. They serve their school with energy and passion. We will all have so much fun and only a few of us will receive a pie to the face!

Next week, we will work on completing CMAS testing. Our 8th graders have one more session of CMAS science and some of our students will complete make-up tests. Thank you for all you've done to ensure that your children have enough sleep to do their best on the tests. We are proud of our Everitt students!

Next week, we have another staff work day on April 22nd. There is no school for students so that teachers and staff members can have some time to prepare amazing learning experiences.

We also have a 7th grade field trip next Tuesday. Our 7th graders are going to the Museum of Nature and Science to dive deeper into understanding human body systems and the history of the Earth. Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered both for our 7th grade dance and for our field trip next week. Middle schoolers are the very best and I'm sure you will have a wonderful time!

Thank you for supporting and believing in your neighborhood school. It is our privilege to partner with you!


Amanda Pouliot, Principal

Everitt Middle School




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Connection and up-to-date information available here for all Everitt Families and Staff.

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Important Updates Here!-- Please Save these Dates!

Monday, April 18th - Talent Show Round 2 Auditions 2:30 pm

Tuesday, April 19th - 7th Grade Museum of Nature & Science Field Trip

Wednesday, April 20th - Talent Show Rehearsal 2:30-4:00 pm

Thursday, April 21st - Talent Show 6:00 pm

Friday, April 22nd - No school for students

Tuesday, April 26th - The Amazing Race @ Kullerstrand 5:00-6:30 pm

Thursday, April 28th - International Night 5:00-7:30 pm

Friday, April 29th - Day Without Hate

Wednesday, May 4th - PTA Meeting 6:30 pm

Wednesday, May 11th - Battle of the Books

Everitt Dress Code

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2021-2022 Bell Schedule

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Things Happening at Everitt

8th Grade Science CMAS

Our 8th graders will be testing on April 20th and 21st. Please make sure your student gets a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast. Thank you for your support!

Blanket Drive Has Been Extended Until April 29th

Please support Everitt Middle School as we host a Teddy Bear and Fleece Throw Blanket Drive for sick children in local hospitals!

Check out the article in the Wheat Ridge Gazette:

Learning And Serving At Everitt - Neighborhood Gazette

What to do: Please drop off donations at Everitt Middle School

Items Wanted: Theme Fleece Throw Blankets and/or Teddy Bears

Dates: March 1- EXTENDED DATE IS APRIL 29, 2022

Thank you!

Atención estudiantes, empleados y familias de Everitt. Nuestra clase de aprendizaje de servicio está organizando una colecta de osos de peluche y mantas suaves del 1 de marzo al 8 de abril para los niños enfermos en nuestros hospitales locales. Por favor dígale a sus familiares y amigos que nos apoyen para ayudar a los niños de Colorado. ¡Muchas gracias por su apoyo!

Don't Miss International Night!

April 28, 2022

Join us on Thursday, April 28th at 5:00-7:30 PM

at Everitt Middle School

The Hub at Everitt

Just a reminder our Hub is open to all families that are in need of clothing, shoes, hygiene items, school supplies and non-perishable items. Please contact Edgar Solis at Edgar.Solis@jeffco.k12.co.us or 303-982-2869 for more information.

Everitt Talent Show

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the talent show on Wednesday, we had some really great acts! But there is still room for more talent so we are holding an extra round of auditions on Monday for anyone who hasn't auditioned yet. You do not need to sign up for a time, just come to the cafeteria after school ready to show off!

PTA News!

Everitt International Night - April 28th 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us for an incredible celebration of Everitt's diverse community, featuring unique cultural performances, samples of food from around the world, and an international gallery walk! We need your help to make this event a success! Please sign up to volunteer here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0A4BACA92AA7FA7-international

Do you have a connection to a local restaurant? We are asking restaurants to donate platters of appetizers. Please contact Leslie Weinstein (Everitt Parent): LeslieWeinstein5@gmail.com or 720-290-1771. THANK YOU!!

Our next PTA meeting will be Wednesday, May 4th from 6:30-7:30 pm. It will be followed by SAC from 7:30-8:30 pm.

Dan Weinstein, PTA President

The Amazing Race @ Kullerstrand

Please Join Us for one “Amazing” night of learning. The WR area schools have been working to provide a Family Learning Series to all WR families. The next scheduled event is Tuesday April 26th 5:00 – 6:30pm Hosted by Kullerstrand Elementary. The theme for the learning on this night is ‘Health’ and the format is The Amazing Race. It should be a fun filled evening – we hope that you can join us!

Please click HERE (English) or HERE (Spanish) to learn more about the Amazing Race at Kullerstrand Elementary on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. Everyone is welcome!

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Day Without Hate Shirts

We have a few youth large shirts available for Day Without Hate in the office. The shirts are $6 and won't last long!

Any students/families who still want to order shirts, please go to www.daywithouthatejeffco.com. This website will open on Friday, April 22nd for new orders. There will be a charge for shipping added to each order. Shirts will ship directly to your home.

Thanks again for your participation in the 2022 Day Without Hate event.

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Clubs and Activities

Students are always welcome to join a club already in session! There is a description of each club and more information about joining on the Everitt website.

Here are the clubs and their meeting days:

Dungeons and Dragons - Mondays 2:30-3:30

Junior Optimists Club - Mondays 2:30-3:30

After School Help for 8th Graders (run by all 8th grade core teachers) - Mondays 2:25-3:15

Fitness Club Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:40-3:30

Chess Club Wednesdays 2:30-3:30

Jazz Band - Wednesdays 2:30-3:15

Anime Club - Most Wednesdays 2:30-3:30

Theatre Guild - Thursdays 2:40-4:00

International Arts and Crafts Club - Thursdays 2:30-3:30

6th Grade Game Club - Thursdays 2:30-3:30 (except for the 2nd Thursday of each month)

Green Team (Climate Change Club) - Thursdays 2:30-3:30

School of Rock - Thursdays 2:30-3:30

GSA - Fridays 2:30-3:30


Patience P. - Patience persistently strives to do her best work and to understand what she is learning. She does it very quietly and extremely well!

Jackson D. - After school Jackson brought in some recess equipment that was left outside from lunch today. Thank you Jackson!

Romelo B. - Wow, Romelo! What a huge shift from the beginning of the year! Our class has seen you share your incredible thinking, respect and honor our time and classroom, and build community in our groups. Thank you for continuing to make yourself better because in turn, it makes our classroom a better place to be!

Kiley K. - When choosing books for our Resilience Novel Project, Kiley was insistent upon choosing the honors level novel Copper Sun. She not only successfully read the book cover to cover, she has completed all the assignments at a high level. Her interest and understanding of the novel is demonstrated through her continual questioning and genuine curiosity about the novel and the historical context associated with slavery. Awesomesauce!

Katie T. - Thank you for helping run passes for students.

Marcus J. - Marcus volunteered to help other students during class. He did a great job giving just enough help without giving the answers, so that his peers learned how to do the work. Marcus, you're a great support for your peers!

Lindsey R. - Lindsey is a hard worker and always does her best.

Julyana S. - Julie is a hard worker. She continues to try her best, complete work, and participate in class. Julie is an awesome student.

Romelo B. - Romelo has been working hard over the past couple weeks to set a positive example in class. He is participating in class, completing his work, and setting a great example when other classmates need reminders of the expectations.

Caden R. - Caden will be competing in the Men's Gymnastics National Championships in May after being successful in his state and regional meets. Good luck, Caden! We're rooting for you!

Bryson D. - Bryson has demonstrated positive academic success in ELA during the second semester.

Christian S. - I have noticed a positive shift in Christian during his speech class! I am super proud of you!

Finn W. - Finn demonstrates grit and resiliency in everything he does. He has a fantastic work ethic and puts his best effort into every task he completes. He is an example of what it looks like to push beyond average effort and accomplishments. He strives to be the very best version of himself each and every day.

Montravius W. - Montravius chose to read Copper Sun, a book he most likely would not have chosen for himself. He worked really hard to keep up with the rigor of the work and reading at a fast pace. He is working hard to complete the assignments and is working his way to complete reading the whole book.

Jaylen B. - Jaylen was thrown into reading Copper Sun, a book he most likely would not have chosen for himself. He worked really hard to keep up with the rigor of reading at a fast pace. He decided to get a copy of his own book to work hard on this work. He is working hard to complete the assignments and is working his way to complete reading the whole book. Jaylen told me, "This is the most I've ever been invested in a book!".

Ignacio A. - Nachito was thrown into reading Copper Sun, a book he most likely would not have chosen for himself. He worked really hard to keep up with the rigor of reading at a fast pace.

Dustin B. - Dustin was thrown into reading Copper Sun, a book he most likely would not have chosen for himself. He worked really hard to keep up with the rigor of moving and reading at a fast pace. He decided to get a copy of his own book to work hard on this work. He is working hard to complete the assignments and is working his way to complete reading the whole book.

Jeffrey G. - Jeffrey is a great work partner and willing to try any problem, regardless of how challenging.

Rome C. - Rome stepped up and took chances this week in class and group to become a great leader.

Indy E. - Indy is persistent in his pursuit of academic excellence. Fabulous.

Van T. - Van completed his assignments during Crew and was a self advocate, asking questions and being on top of his work.

Noah R. - Noah chose to read Copper Sun and worked on the same assignments as the GT and Honors students. Noah read and completed their work independently, as they were the only student in their class period to complete all work with fidelity. I am proud that Noah took on this challenge and the work that was submitted was done well.

Layla G. - Layla had a presentation for Mrs. Galvez-Estevez's class and she believed in herself and did a great job presenting.

Lucia R. - Lucia consistently works to her best and encourages others to do the same academically. Awesome!

Kieren C. - Leads with her voice in choir, always has great weird things to say, is exceedingly kind and generous.

Nic D. - Nic is not afraid to include others in activities in PE and is always very welcoming to all of his classmates. He displays an infectious amount of positivity both in the gym for class, as well as, any time I see him in the hallway. A smile or a handshake goes a long way and Nic makes sure to make everyone he sees feel welcome and valued!

Neylah P. - Neylah is the only student in her class period reading Copper Sun. This book involves high level thinking and work completion. As the only student she has to do it all independently. There are no other students for her to bounce ideas off and so on. Neylah has met the expectations of the book study and then some. I'm proud of the way she has persevered and produced high level work in a unique situation.

Maya W. - As we were discussing adaptations, Maya asked a question about a species having multiple adaptations for survival, which helped other students understand they were not limited to one adaptation for their species.

Ian B. - Ian made a choice to work hard and with enthusiasm in class. He demonstrated his ability to complete math problems that challenged him and met that challenge with a positive attitude.

Gavyn B. - Gavyn puts forth his best effort every single day. He pushes through difficult work and never gives up.

Everitt Middle School

With foundations of equity and excellence, Everitt empowers and inspires our students as individuals, lifelong learners, and creative critical thinkers to engage in authentic learning and contribute meaningfully to their communities and their world.