Grey Wolf missing in North America

Also known as the timber wolf, or western wolf. Scientific Name is Canis Lupus. He weighs about 95-96 lbs. The Wolf is missing in North America. There were about 300 wolves orginally in the US. Now there are there 9,000 wolves in America. The numbers are going down and are being threatened with extinction.

Endemic species, or animals and plants that are restricted to a relatively small area, such as an island, are inherently vulnerable to extinction.

Specialization of habitat or diet has caused much extinction.

To escape extinction, the wolves hunt and eat large animals.

Before its persecution by humans, the wolf (Canis lupus) hadthe greatest distribution of any land mammal in the world except man. Its immense range included most of North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Wolves were exterminated from much of this vast area, however they have now returned to many localities where they formerly lived. Nevertheless, intense and violent persecution of wolves continues to this day.

REWARD: More distribution of dogs, the come from Wolves.