Amina For President!

Your vote is the foundation to a better future!

The Ideal Country!

Good day people of America!

My name is Amina. I'm someone who stands for liberty, equality, fairness and peace. I want to build a nation where every citizen has the right to feel good and be happy. I will make America shine again like it did in its glory days. I am capable of giving you the support so that you can make your dreams come true! Vote for me if you want to see this country to become your utopia!

Vice President

When choosing an Vice President, I need to make sure that this man will be able to handle the stress and take responsibility. He will back me up when I'm not available and carry the whole country on his shoulders. There is only 1 man capable for this job: Markuss Persson.

Markuss is a man who can express himself very clearly. He's way of interacting with the people is very unique and he's capable of coming up with solutions in the most devastating situations. This is why I chose him to be the Vice President of America.

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American laws I want to change

Potential American Laws!

  • No to Poverty: in this very country, millions of people are struggling to make it throughout the day while another group of "super elites" can't decide which color their 5th Porsche should be. Money needs to be distributed fairly among us all! Athletes, artistes, movie stars, ... will have a limit regarding their paychecks. 1 Million a year is the limit. Every dollar above that cap will be funded to the poor.

  • Bilingualism in school: it has been proven that people who speak multiple languages at an early age are more fluent in communication than others who are limited to 1 native language. French, German or Spanish will be taught in elementary schools and beyond to improve bilingualism.

My Inspiration

There have been a lot of great presidents in this country throughout the ages. However, there is 1 man that holds the title as my source of inspiration. This man is Abraham Lincoln.

Since 1861, Abraham was the president of the United States. His reign ended in 1865 when he got murdered. In his 4 years of leadership, he gave us a wonderful example of how a president should be. Let me summarize some of this man's actions:

  • Discontinuation of slavery
  • Led the US during its Civil War
  • Modernized the economy
  • Strengthened the government

I believe that we can make the same miracle happen today like Abraham did in the 19th century! The only thing that keeps a bright future and you separated is your vote!

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