AIESEC Kolkata

Global Volunteering Opportunities


Dear Parent,

As you may already know your ward is now a member of the world's largest youth run organization in the world - AIESEC. We provide leadership opportunities to young people by sending them to a new country where they will be able to develop new skills and a different mindset towards the world that is surrounding us. Our mission is to nurture tolerance and cultural awareness by enabling the leadership potential in as many young people as we can.

Global Volunteer

It is a volunteering internship program lasting 6 weeks abroad with the purpose of developing the leadership skills in young people by letting them out of their comfort zone. Overall, through this program, AIESEC is providing young students an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships mainly on social issues which will help them enrich their education, challenge their worldview and help them gain a unique combination of multi cultural, social and entrepreneurial experience during the formative years of their lives.

Benefits of the program -

  • Gaining sense of self-management and independence.
  • Highlight for the CV
  • AIESEC support throughout the process
  • Discovering a multicultural environment
  • Developing personal skills
  • Creating an international network of contacts and friends



We understand your concern regarding your child's safety. It is not easy letting our dear ones go far away from us, especially when the world is so big and uncertain. On behalf of AIESEC Kolkata, we have prepared this newsletter that will hopefully answer your doubts and questions about the program.