Pounamu Newsletter

1.3.22 - Week 5

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Kia ora e te whānau,

As you are likely aware we have had our first covid case at Paparangi School. A staff member has tested positive and is isolating at home. Some children in Pounamu have decided to partake in Hybrid Learning at home. Some children are wearing masks in class. Both of these options help keep everyone well.

All children have been given a google login to access Hybrid learning through Google classroom. Hybrid learning is a system of teaching where the children at home and school are accessing the same content. Google Classroom is the system we use to deliver this. If you don't know how to log in, please watch the video in the link below where Michael shows you how.


You can use seesaw to update us on how you are going. Also feel free to ask the teachers for help.

Remember it is important that children stay home if they are ill. I know it is difficult to know if they just have a cold or something more serious but at the moment it is important that we keep ourselves as safe as we can.

We are using hand sanitiser every day and reminding the children to wash hands before eating. With the good weather this week we have been able to get together outside and have assembly and fitness. We are only able to do singing outside so have been learning some sign language songs and humming along to them!

Stay safe and be kind!

Team Pounamu

Library times

We have turns going to the library on Fridays. On an odd week Rooms 3 & 5 go, on an even week Rooms 2 & 4 go.

This week is week 5 so Rooms 3 & 5 will be going.


Unfortunately some items have been going missing from a few children's lunch boxes. This has been things like chippies in little packets. We are aware of the problem and trying to find out who is responsible.

To stop this we are asking children to put their lunch boxes in the classroom for the time being.

We always have food at school we can give children who don't have enough lunch for whatever reason. We will let you know if we think your child needs a bit more.

If you are worried that your child is not eating enough let us know. We supervise them at eating time and encourage them to have their sandwich, or similar items first and leave packets till last as they can always bring them back another day.

RED Traffic Light Setting.

Here are a few reminders to about coming to school in the RED traffic Light setting. We are looking forward to seeing our lovely tamariki!

  • We ask parents to say goodbye to children at the gate. Teachers will be at the gate to welcome students. No entry before 8:30am and please use the main Beazley Road entrance, as the shared kindy pathway is closed for the time being.
  • Other arrangements are available in limited circumstances, please contact your child's teacher for more information - eg new enrolments.
  • Bring a water bottle every day. Drinking fountains are open but everyone is encouraged to drink from their own bottle.
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Team Pounamu are:

R2 - Michael Heyes michael@paparangi.school.nz

R3 - Sam Diggins sam@paparangi.school.nz

R4 - Wendy Blue wendy@paparangi.school.nz

R5 - Amanda Newbery amanda@paparangi.school.nz (Assistant Principal)

R5 - Carolyn Collis (Part time teacher)

We are also supported by our hardworking teacher aides. They are Meerza, Tanya, Angela, Caroline, and Selu.