Summer 2019 at the KCI

Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College

Be a lifelong learner and join us for an educational journey!

LINC 58 (CRN 10894) - Global Project Based Learning (2 units) Explore how to incorporate global project-based learning in the classroom. Participants will create a project that engages students in learning curricular content and connects them with the larger world. Begins 7/22/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 60K (CRN 11120) - Game Based Learning (1 unit) Explore gamification and game-based learning and how to integrate it in the classroom. Begins 7/8/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 82A (CRN 10876) - Introduction to Designing Instructional Technology (3 units) This introductory course in designing and developing instructional projects is for students, educators, and trainers interested in the planning of instructional design and technology projects. Begins 7/8/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 82B (CRN 10877) - Developing Instructional Materials (3 units) Refine the skills needed for making digital media. Collaborative tools to facilitate and manage group projects will be emphasized. Begins 7/15/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 75A (CRN 10883) - Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology (3 units) Explore how to create technology-based educational or training materials and resources for school, college, or business settings. Begins 8/2/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 77A (CRN 11121) - Design Thinking Process (2 units) Dive into the design thinking methodology. Explore how to bring shifts in mindsets to arrive at innovative solutions. Begins 8/2/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 84A (CRN 11122) - 3D Design Concepts (2 units) Move 3D designs from concepts to finished projects. Basic troubleshooting and basic maintenance will be covered so participants know how to operate and manage 3D printers. Begins 8/2/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 50F (CRN 10891) - Integrating Tech into a Standards-Based Curriculum (2 units) Learn how to integrate hands-on experiences, technology, and 21st century skills in any standards-based curriculum. Begins 7/15/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 90C (CRN 10892) - Online Collaboration Tools (2 units) Explore different collaborative technologies with emphasis on how these tools can be integrated into the curriculum. Begins 7/16/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 77 (CRN 10893) - Design Thinking Overview (2 units) Participate in an immersive, inquiry-based overview of the design thinking methodology and its applications in education, business, industry, and government. Begins 7/17/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 89 (CRN 10896) - Introduction to Microsoft Servers (4 units) This introductory course covers the fundamentals of Microsoft Windows server infrastructure, setup, and administration. Begins 8/8/19 - ONLINE ONLY. for info on Foothill College fees.

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