It was 12:00 on a Saturday in Cherryville. The sun was shining as bright as a star in the midnight sky. A strange villain named ViXon was on a street with two different bottles.

One was a bottle filled with flower scented poison that he was giving free samples of to all of the girls.The other was AXE scented poison that he was giving free samples of to all off the boys. The poison would get into there system in two days and hey would autocratically want to do what ever ViXon wanted them to do. But suddenly, Country Sweetheart and Jupiter swoop in. Country Sweetheart has a small black remote in her hand that has a big red button on it . She pushed the red button and a green misty antidote sprays out of the Cherryville water tank. The green misty antidote also blinded ViXon and that gave Country Sweetheart and Jupiter a perfect chance to stop ViXon. So, Country Sweetheart used her elastic power to wrap around ViXon ( as to tie him up ) and Jupiter used her mental ability to lift ViXon into the air and to the Police Station. But then, Country Sweetheart fell into a wishing well and got soaked! Which was very bad since superheroes cant use their powers when they are wet. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a huge robot dropped out of the sky and started wrecking the city. The next thing Jupiter saw was the robot running towards them. So Jupiter used her time freezing power to freeze the time and help Country Sweetheart. Jupiter went to go to the nearest towel store ( which was only a minute away ) and grabbed a couple of towels. When she got back she gave the towels to Country Sweetheart. She dried herself off and she was ready to fight!

In the end

In the end everyone ended up ok and Jupiter and Country Sweetheart defeated the robot and saved the day.