To Polio, We rise against!

By: Ahsan Naeem

Low numbers should be even lower!

The main goal of this club is to raise awareness around our communities about polio so that people can have their new born babies vaccinated before they get infected by polio and so that people would donate money to get children in other parts of the world, especially Africa, vaccinated. Some people think that polio isn't that big of a deal, some don't even know what it is, while others fear it. Polio is basically a virus that can easily spread through contamination through ones feces who is already infected by it. In extreme cases or 1/200 to be exact, polio can cause permanent paralysis. Even though traces of this virus are disappearing in many places, it still has a wide range of traces being found in third world countries. By sending donations to get children vaccinated, we can assure that it spreads slower which will then basically lead the virus to die out. As for new born babies in our communities, its good to get them vaccinated because they won't contract the virus if the family was to travel somewhere else and if their child was to get contaminated.

Weekly Meeting to Raise Awareness

Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 12-2pm

1150 Dream Crest Rd

Mississauga, ON

Weekly Schedule

12:00-12:10 = Attendance

12:10-12:40 = Awareness discussions

12:40-1:10 = Improving flyers

1:10-1:30 = Food Break

1:30-2:30 = Handing out flyers and accepting donations

2:30-2:45 = Collecting and saving donations to send them for Polio Aid

How will we know if this club brought awareness/positive change?

We will know if this club brought awareness by 2 main ways. One being that once we get a certain amount of donations collected to donate, we would know that our work brought awareness because of the amount of donations we got, which means that people actually received our message and wanted to do something to help with the cause. Another being is that once we hand out the flyers around our community, it would inform people about polio and will get their babies vaccinated so that it won't spread as much. We will know this brought awareness when the virus becomes close to being wiped away. So all in all, the main results that will show us if we brought awareness is the amount of donations and reducing the spreading of polio through a period of time by getting all babies vaccinated.