Andrew Jackson

hero or zero?

trail of tears

How would you like it if someone just came into your room and all of sudden claimed it was theirs? You probably wouldn't! That's the same thing President Jackson did with the indians. He ripped them off their land and forced them to resettle to a different piece of land he had reserved for them. Even on the new land he had to give them, he could make them resettle again if they found gold or valuable items in the area.
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So called "common man"

Its funny how Jackson was suppose to be the hero of the common man and even gave them the right to vote. So if hes such the common man, when he retired why did he live in a mansion and own more then 100 slaves?! Since when did the common man own any of those things. Also, Andrew abused his power in presidency, he basically didnt care about government laws and did his own thing.