Students Uniting to Make Meaningful Influences Together


Keynote Speaker: Jeremy Bates

Jeremy Bates - The Hope Dealer


SUMMIT Mission

Mission Statement
To create a coalition with schools to inform and prevent substance and alcohol use and violence within our communities.

September 21--Student Planning Meeting Candids

Tentative Break-Out Topics


For the past two years, the Lamb County Leaf Coalition - Hooked on Hope - has partnered with Lamb County 4-H members to organize a day camp for Littlefield children to give them a drug-free option for a couple of days in the summer. The camps have hands-on activities that are an alternative to participating in potentially harmful events otherwise. Kim Clardy, director of Hooked on Hope, will explain the process of organizing the day camp and answer questions if you'd like to plan your own event for your community.

Mental health is such an important topic that many avoided talking about for years. The COVID pandemic increased the need for more discussion and sharing of important resources to get help. Join us at the SUMMIT to learn what signs to look for and and where to get help if you need or someone you care about needs help with their mental health. Experts from the TTU Health Sciences Center will be leading this session.


Facing my Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t you, it’s something moving through you.

It doesn’t have to take control of you.

Things to talk about:

  • Social Anxiety

  • Coping with Anxiety

  • What Anxiety Affects

  • Different types of Anxiety

  • Accepting Anxiety

  • Awareness of Anxiety

Neglect: it’s more than just physical

Neglect at home comes in many different ways….social, emotional, and mental

Things to talk about:

  • Neglect can influence the person you become

  • You don't always see what people go through at home

  • Where you come from doesn’t have to be the only way


Deal With It:
Elin Halford (lead), Ciera Gonzales, Trinity Arocha

Following life’s traumas, how do you deal with it? Many people reach for drugs, drink, experiment with risk, smoke, and vape. We are here to help you find a go-to niche that positively replaces negative activities.

A day in the life of a leader:
Trinity Arocha (lead), Ciera Gonzales, Elin Halford

What does leadership look like day-to-day? We are here to show how a full day of leadership lived over and over can make a difference in your life, your school, and your community.

Big picture


The Tech Crave
We are going to be discussing the addiction of technology. Covering the topics of screen time, being distracted, how it interferes with quality time with loved ones, etc. Furthermore, we will be discussing our whys which include the problems developing with social skills, realizations, and generational adaptations.

Happy Chemicals
We will be discussing the 4 “happy chemicals” which include Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. We will give information about each one and how they affect daily life. Also, we will talk about triggers and how to recognize when you are gaining these chemicals.

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Me Time Breakout Session

In Me Time, we will be discussing topics of self-care and ways to relieve stress. People will know when to take breaks and if they need to seek professional help. We also will include examples on handling stress. We also plan on having a source that people can contact if they need to.