Ms. Dobbs's First Grade

Learning together while we are apart!

And the winner is.......LEEUM!

Last week, I challenged each of you to complete 100 minutes of Lexia last week. Congratulations to Mia, Damian, Kawainohia, and Leeum. I gave the wheel a spin, and Leeum is this week's winner of a set of magnetics.

This week's challenge is to complete 60 minutes of Lexia and have your parents send me a picture on their phone of one activity you completed. It might be the question of the day or even this week's drawing project. You can text your entries to 208 421-0669. The contest ends on Friday, April 24th. This week's winner will win some drawing paper and a set of markers! Good Luck!

Click here to check out BrainPOP jr.

Username: bickelschool Password: bobcats123 This site is so much fun and covers just about everything!

Question of the Day...check back tomorrow for a new one!

What would you rather be an ant or a bee? Why?

(I would love for you to email me your answer

Listen to the story I Was So Mad!

I will add a new story each day for you to enjoy. Feel free to text or email me what you thought about the story. If you have one you would like to share, let me know!

Google Classroom

Ok....this is going to be a new challenge for all of us. I would like you to go to If you look at the top right hand side of your screen you will see a + sign. Simple click on this and select "join class". Our code is g5zhq4b. You will see several new learning games for you to try and play. If you have any trouble, please let me know!
How To Draw Stitch From Lilo And Stitch

This service is usually a paid subscription. Audible has 1,000's of stories for kids to listen to for free. Just click on the website, choose your story and listen away!


This is a great resource for all students in grades K-5 and it is absolutely free. Click on "Daily Lessons by Grade." Find your child's grade level and you will find daily activities for the week. You will find math, reading, science, and technology. They have several worksheets for your child to do. If you don't have a printer, your child can simply work out the problems on a sheet of paper!

This is a great math site! I can't add it to our clever site....but you just need to go to

Unfortunately this requires a new username and password, but I made them super easy. In fact your username is your first name and last name together (case sensitive).

Example: Anthony's user name is : AnthonyAndrade

Your password is the same one you use to login to google or clever.

There were only a few kids who had to have a different username, because someone else already took it. Those kids are:

Khloe: Username: KhloeMcConnell3

Leeum: Username: LeeumBlanc

Damian: Username: DamianPluff2

Hunter: Username: HunterStewart34

You will need to type in our class code: GA9D7B

If you can't logon, please, please get in touch with me!

How does my child get in to Isation?

Ok....I finally figured this one out.

The first step is to install Istation on your home computer or phone. This is a quick and easy process. Go too You will need to click on the download and technical blue tab on the top right hand corner and follow the instructions.

Now your child should be able to go into Clever...tap the app....and it might take a minute, but now they won't need to sign in! They are now set up to do Istation (reading and math)

Here are some suggestions for your child to do this week:

Isation (on Clever)

Lexia (You will need my home email address (0n Clever)

Zearn (Math)

Scholastic is a great site (on Clever) (the link is up above) (the link is up above)

Rosetta Stone Jr.

Rosetta Stone is well known for teaching a foreign language online. They are offering a 3 month access pass to their website. This would be a great way to engage your child in learning a new language.

There a several languages to choose from!