Middle School Weekly Newsletter

February 3, 2023

A Note from Mrs. Patterson

Happy Friday!

Ok, students! We need your help. We are going to turn our weekly newsletter into a weekly news show! But to do that, we need some volunteers each week to come on camera and help us! Students who are chosen each week will need to be able to meet on a Zoom session at 2:00 pm on Thursdays to record the session. It shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes. If you have advisory that day, you would be excused. If you are interested or just want to see what options are available, click on Friday Morning News Show below!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekly Assignments

Weekly Assignments Calendars are available by team. Your child's team number can be found at the top of their schedule that you received from the counselor. You can also tell this from Schoology. Find the student's homeroom class on the student's Courses page. The section number is their team number. We are trying out a new format. I hope you like it!

Weekly Assignment Calendars

Assignments are due on the date shown on the assignment calendar. Students have until Sunday at midnight of that week to submit these assignments for full credit. After that, students will have one additional week to submit work for 80% credit. After two weeks, assignments will close.

Elective class assignments can be found on the Assignment Calendars found inside of the course.

Sensational Salamanders

Check out this dawing by 7th grade student, Brianna! Awesome drawing!

Want to share some original artwork, poetry, short story, or something else creative that you do? Send it to Mrs. Patterson at mpatterson@scvcs.org. It must by your own original work!
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School Announcements

Access Free, Real Time Tutoring with Tutor.com

Discus can be accessed via Classlink

Username: discus2023

Password: read1!

Jigsaw and Google

Students, please make sure you are using your SCVCS gmail account when logging into Jigsaw and when you do anything with Google Drive. Some of you are using personal email accounts, which will cause you some issues with accessing live classes or completing assignments using Google. If you need assistance with your Gmail accounts, please contact our tech support at 803-253-6222 and choose Option 5.

Next Week's Birthdays

Staff Birthdays

Maryann Moon, Special Education

6th Grade

Alfredia B, Mason C, Callie C, Marcus J, Mya L, Riley S

7th Grade

Oakley F, Cayden F, Zoey H, Riley H, Korlyn J

8th Grade

Zachary C, Mason H, Diamondra M

Counseling Corner

Advisory Classes

Week of February 6-10 – Job Shadowing

8th Grade IGP Meetings

We are holding IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) Meetings for 8th graders to discuss career goals and choose classes for 9th grade. Please schedule a meeting using the link in the IGP email from the counselor.

Recap from 1st Semester Advisory Lessons:

Steps to Making Good Decisions:

  • Identify the Problem
  • Brainstorm Options/gather information/seek out guidance or help.
  • Review the pros and cons and risks and rewards.
  • Realize emotions can play a big role in decisions. Fear may prevent you from trying something new, while excitement may cause you to underestimate risk. Don’t make decisions when angry or afraid.
  • Think about what you value.
  • Consider the greater good. Will this decision help or hurt others.
  • Identify which choice seems like the best one.
  • There isn't always a bad choice.
  • Sleep on it.
  • Make a decision.
  • Evaluate your decision.


Learning Coach Corner

Next Town Hall Meeting:

February 3rd at 10am

Students encouraged to attend


Please remember that we cannot share personal information about your child through anything other than the school issued learning coach gmail account. If you are not accessing this account, you are not receiving important emails from us. Please call our Tech Support team at 803-253-6222 and choose Option 5 for help with email.

I will be sharing a lot of resources with you through our Schoology Middle School Learning Coach group. Once you have created your Schoology account and joined with your parent access code, you can join the group.

Click HERE for instructions on how to create your Parent Account in Schoology.

Click HERE for instructions on how to join the Middle School Learning Coach group.

There are also instructions in the group for how to get PowerSchool Parent Portal setup.

Clubs and Lunch Groups

Upcoming Important Dates

February 3rd - MS Town Hall Meeting

February 17th - Zoo and Aquarium Social Outing

February 20th - President's Day Holiday (No School)

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