Storing and Organizing Info, y'all

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How to stay organized

You now have a variety of ways of connecting with other educators and sharing resources. You need to be able to organize them so that you can find what you need, when you need it.

Create accounts with - to collect and organize bookmarks - to store documents - to create an online file cabinet - to collect, store and organize resources

Online Bookmarks

Delicious vs. Diigo

The Diigo's Educators Group Classroom 2.0 Group

Send links and resources to




Online Storage

Dropbox, Scribd, Slideshare

Tags and Categories ARE THE KEYS to organizing your links, blogs, posts, etc.

• Choose 10-15 tags to ‘label’ your resources

Bookmarks to save links

Storing in the Clouds

Use wikis as an online file cabinet.

PBWorks has a great platform that allows users to upload resources and organize them into efficient files.
Working with wikis


Dropbox allows you to upload documents and share them with others. You can access all of your uploaded work from any computer.

Tips from Valerie R. Burton, MEd

I am an English/Language Arts teacher who regularly integrates technology to connect with other educators, increase my productivity and my engage students.