Warrior's Don't Cry Digital Project

By Vaylen Wilkerson

What I'm doing

I'll be interviewing someone who has read the book and see what their opinion is about the character and how they contribute to the conflict.

Melba Patillo

"She's nice I guess, I'm not too crazy about her. She was a big part of the story though, considering that she was one of the main people to attend Central High because she tried to make a difference"

Verdict: Correct


"I wish Melba got with him, he helped her and was really nice! My favorite character. He was the one who made sure she didn't die from Andy, and he helped her with the bullying."

Verdict: Correct


"So I know someone who was like him and they were one of the most ignorant people I've known, so I can sort of relate with Melba. He didn't really do much to the conflict and plot except add more trouble and worry to Melba, he did scare them a bit. Of course, that also meant that Link and Melba met, so I guess he did something. Although, he did just hang around the school like a 'punk' and I was not into that.."

Verdict: Correct

Grandma India

"Well, I don't really like her, but that's because I don't really like anyone in the book. My grandma is a lot like her. She helped Melba get back up when Melba was.. um, suicidal. She was an inspiration for Melba, I don't know if Melba would've lived if it wasn't for her."

Verdict: Correct


"Hey, I like Danny. Well, the concept anyway. Since I don't really know him as a person, I like the concept of him. He's a nice guy, and honestly, I'd like a bodyguard like person every once in a while. Of course, he helped her from people bullying her, even kept her from being blind. He's a pretty cool cat."

Verdict: Correct

The End

After asking what they thought about these 5 characters, I can see more from their perspective.