Global warming and animals

Many animals are going extinct because of global warming

Animals are becoming endangered.

Many animals are becoming endangered. Emperor Penguins (right) are just one of the species to be affected by global warming; polar bears, walruses, clownfish, koalas, salmon, and leather back turtle, just to name a few.

How to save the endangered animals

Some of the most common ways to save the endangered animals is to breed them. That is the most common, and most easy way to repopulate

Some animals affected by global warming .

Global Warming

How animals extinction will affect humans.

If penguins become extinct, then other birds won't have as mutch competition for the fish. The fish will either overpopulate, or the birds will eat more fish, so the fish population will decrease. If the fish population decreases, then the birds won't have anything to eat, so the will go extinct. Non-domestics felis catus will then only have rodents to eat. The rodents will become extinct because of more demand of food from cats. Rodents feces fertalize our crops, and without fertilized crops, we won't have any food that is not meat. We will resort to eating meat, which will, over time, kill all the animals. Humans will do one of two things: result to canibalism, or become extinct because of starvation; all of this because of penguins.