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All about Turkey

Turkey was and still is mostly a rural country and some of its' most prominent landmarks include the pontic mountains, which rim around the country. In the center of Turkey you can find Ahnatolia, which was in some ways, the crossroads of ancient civilization.

What's cooking in Turkey

The Bosporus straight

"Bosporus"means cow passage because cattle and other goodused to be transported through it, but now it is an international straight. It holds the current record for smallest straight with it now being used mainly for exploration.
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The Pontic mountains

The Pontic mountains range across Turkey and are also known by the name "Anatolia mountains." In Greek it's known as the "parhar mountains" meaning: "high" or "summit".
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How did Turkey get it's name?

Despite popular belief, Turkey DID NOT get its' name from the bird, The country is named from the people who first settled their, the ancient Turks. They entered Turkey on horseback coming from Mongolia, another growing civilization.
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What is Turkey best known for?

Like it was stated before, Turkey was the "crossroad of ancient civilizations," They originally grew rich from trade with Anatolia being its' second largest city, and capital city. One of its' most prosperous export happens to be machinery and transportation equipment.
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What's currently happening in Turkey?

Some of the more recent events to come in this countrys' path include the refugee crisis as talked about in the presidential debate, with refugees being moved to Greece. There has also been 2 bombing cases in Ankara targeting tourists.
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