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Tangerine Times

Paul Fisher, younger brother of Erik Fisher, is having a hard time in Florida and hopes that his suffering with his older brother will end soon.

Life of Tangerines

Shocking News

There has been shocking and confusing event that has happened in Lake Windsor. Paul Fisher was watching his older brother play football until a lightning struck. It has blinded everyone for a second but not until they saw Mike, a football player, flying across the football field. Everyone ran in shock to Mike only to see him not breathing while the half of his face was scorched. Everyone around him and the field stood in shock. After this event many parents protested to move the football practice to the mornings.

10 plot elements

  • Paul almost got killed from a person who drove toward him with a weapon.
  • When Paul moved into his new house there was a smell of smoke.
  • His mom explained to everyone that he was legally blind.
  • Paul got "kicked out" from the soccer team.
  • Mike has died from a lighting strike
  • Everyone made fun of Joey for trying to put Mike's shoe off.
  • Luis dies from Arthur and Erick.
  • The carnival: introduction of tangerine middle students.
  • Sinkhole
  • Paul,Erick, and Joey moved to a different school.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Point 1

Paul - His days in his new home is pretty bad. His brother is acting more obnoxious everyday. He made friends within a few weeks and tried out for the school's soccer team.

Erik - His days are getting golden with each passing moment. His parents bragged about his football career and he already got in a good football team in his new home.

In conclusion, Erik is having a good time in his new home whole Paul is the opposite.

Point 2

Paul - He was shocked and was sad. One of the people he liked has died from being struck by lightning. He was rooting for him in to be a player better than his brother but that feeling dropped like stone.

Erik - Oh yea! His days are getting even better. One of the players that could stop his football mania has died. He laughed with his friend making fun of the way he died and how he looked as a result.

In conclusion, Paul has moaned for the death of his "friend" but Erik was gleeful that Mike has finally gotten out of the way.

Point 3

Paul - As days go by Paul is not really noticed by anyone but kid who is blind. He still has some friends that doesn't keep him lonely.

Erik - These days Erik is acknowledged by almost everyone. He has some friends who are bad as himself but is pretty popular.

In conclusion, Paul has a decent time in his new home while Erick steals the fame and tries to show his cool, "skills".


Issue 1 - Puberty

During the times when Paul has puberty he would usually want to be alone and would stay in his room. When he would do this it makes him more lonely and distant to friends and relatives.

Issue 2 - Bully

After since Paul has stared into an eclipse, people has started to bully him because of his glasses. His brothers spread rumors and he got picked on older kids by naming him names.

Issue 3 - Family Relationship

When Erick started football, his dad only started focusing on him and payed little attention to Paul. He would only usually say sentences about Paul while he would say a story about Erick.

Come see Paul's soccer game!

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 9-11pm

Florida, United States


Come and see and look at Paul's professionally play a soccer game. If you were to participate then please bring some drinks and snacks for the players to eat before and after the game. You don't have to do anything but come to participate and see Paul play his soccer game.
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