Help Destroy the Nazi's

The Nazi's and Hitler can't be trusted

Hitler needs to be Destroyed

Hitler is trying to destroy races of people and have us no longer need them. Hitler and the nazi's are putting Jews in concentration camps and having them work until there last breath. Hitler is declaring total war against the Jews etc. and they have no chance to defend themselves. Hitler and the nazi's are our enemy's we must destroy them we need your help to take them down and save these loving and helpless people. We need to get and not let Hitler ruin and kill millions more people. What is at stake is that we could lose lots of people in this process and lose millions more than what we have lost already. The Jews aren't living in conditions that aren't even suitable for a rat to live in and they are being starved and not getting enough food. The Jews eat moldy bread and soup that can't even satisfy there hunger. We need your help in saving them and take down Hitlers war of Nazi's and show him what he is doing to these people and do it to him.

Help the Jews!

These people need your help or there will be millions more of people will be dead and the pillows that you use are maybe made out of the Jews hair and there teeth are being sold for money please help!!