Season #1 Episode #3

In case you missed it, Episode 3 was riveting!

A Great Value Could Be Lost, Take Time To Enjoy All These Episodes

Day 3 is all about wheelin' and dealin'...making decisions under pressure and moving out of your comfort zone.

How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn't feel comfortable with what you had to do in order to make something happen. I'll admit it...a lot of times!

Teresa Farrell shares how she created her first $11,000 with Project AWOL and EN after leaving Thailand. She gives us her breakthrough moments she had that made her belief system shift from "can't" to "will do." Her business transformed into a business...and a profitable one at that.

Nick Logan tells his story about telling his boss to take a hike when the realization of the possibilities he had with AWOL and Empower. How totally easy it is to replace your income. The power of a decision to believe that you can do it is the first step.

Anna Linnehan takes a nose dive on the sidewalks of Patong, Thailand, meanwhile the other teams are frantically searching out the deals that will give them the winning edge for this competition.

The prize...

2 new members from the out-sourced call floor. This is HUGE...

watch and see how it ends!

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