Emerick Elementary Newsletter

April 18, 2021

A note from the Principal - Mrs. Haddock

Let’s finish STRONG! Tomorrow, you will be able to see your child’s report card on ParentVUE. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or want to set up a Google Meet. In reviewing over the report cards, I have to say how proud I am with how hard they have worked. It gives me reassurance that they will be able to handle anything that may come their way in the future. I know that teacher appreciation week is coming up the first week in May, and we feel you have worked right beside us the entire year as your child’s teacher also. So, we want to “Thank You” for all that you are doing at home. We have eight weeks left of school and we know that the time will fly by fast and summer vacation will be here soon. The only thing that we are doing for homework for the remainder of the year is to read 20 minutes a day. Please make this a time in your home to stop, drop and open a good book. It is great if you all can do the 20 minutes of reading together. A lot is coming up in the next month. Please take some time to read over this newsletter as it has a lot of information, including SOL testing dates. See Mr. Cramer’s information on the SOL testing permission click form if you have not filled it out already. If you have not filled out the permission click form, please do so as we have a due date to turn in transportation information. Also, we are looking for some Emerick talent. PTO is still going to do Emerick’s Got Talent Night, Virtually. I sent out an email with a link on Friday for you to sign up.

Yearbook - Advisors Mrs. Harrop and Mrs. James

While Covid-19 has kept us apart for much of the year, the yearbook is a place we can be together. This year's version is special:

  • Designed by 5th graders - for the first time ever.
  • Great Candid Photos - sent in by parents
  • See your favorite teachers and staff as Bitmoji
  • $1 of every purchase will be donated to the Loudoun Branch of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

Quantities are limited so be sure to get your order in. $17 before May 1, $19 after that.

SOL testing Schedule and Permission click Form

It is almost SOL test taking time. The state is mandating that we administer SOL assessments this year. All students will be required to come into school to take the tests in person. If your child is in a distance learning classroom they will be taking their assessments on Mondays in May(Please see dates below). Transportation will be provided if you cannot bring your child to school on these days. A bus will pick up in the morning like a normal school day and bring students home 4 hours later.

Distance Learning Test Schedule:

May 10 – Grade 5 Reading

May 17 – Grade 3 Reading

Grade 4 Reading

Grade 5 Science

May 24 – Grade 3 Math

Grade 4 Math

Grade 5 Math

DISTANCE LEARNING FAMILIES – Please click the link below to let us know how your child will get to school on these Mondays to take their SOL tests. We will provide transportation or you can bring your child to school. We will use this survey to arrange transportation for those students that require it. https://forms.gle/Zo98cRLiXsuGX21U9 Please complete this survey by 04/20/21 or your child will not have transportation.

HYBRID Student Test Schedule: (Students will test while they are at school)

May 12 – Grade 5 Reading

May 19 – Grade 5 Science

May 20 – Grade 3 Reading

May 21 – Grade 4 Reading

May 26 – Grade 5 Math

May 27 – Grade 3 Math

June 2 – Grade 4 Math


All families have the right to refuse having their child take the SOL test. A number of families have already chosen this route for various reasons. If you wish to complete a parent refusal and not have your child participate in this year’s testing please click the link below and fill out the form.

Fourth grade families, the VA Studies SOL test this year will be a project that students will work on in school. I believe this will be fun and engaging for our students. I encourage you to not opt them out of this assessment. Please click on the Permission Click below and complete the form if you do not wish to have your child participate in SOL tests this year. Please complete this as soon as possible as it will help with planning here at school.


Meal Pick-up- Cafeteria Manage- Deborah Mahzoun

Starting tomorrow, Monday, April 19th, meal pick-up will only be on Mondays from 10:00-1:00. You can come and pick up your meals on Monday for the entire week. We never want anyone to go hungry. If you need something, please know you can turn to us for help.

Outdoor Classroom - We are so excited to start to use our Outdoor Classroom

We are so excited to have the Outdoor classroom built in the back of Emerick Elementary School. This was a true journey that started as a dream five years ago and the Emerick PTO never let anything stand in their way. A special thank you to Jenn Tribino, Jamie Franks, Sarah Lynch and Josh Shields for keeping this on the forefront of the agenda. In just overnight, we needed tables to go into the Outdoor classrooms and 10 Emerick families stepped right up to make this happen: Students are already enjoying the outdoor classroom and we look forward to adding on to the classroom to create a wonderful place to learn.

Mrs. Harrop - FUTURA/ Search Teacher

District Publishes Revised Timeline for Gifted Eligibility and Delivery of Gifted Services

The gifted eligibility screening process for the 2021-2022 school year has been moved to the fall. Parents interested in having their rising 4th or 5th graders evaluated for gifted services will need to complete the Gifted Evaluation Request form and submit it between June 1, 2021 and September 10, 2021. The evaluation process will take place in the fall and services for students found eligible will begin January 17, 2022. Please contact Mrs. Harrop if you have questions about the evaluation process. Email: jennifer.harrop@lcps.org


Search and FUTURA classes will go until Friday June 12th. The FUTURA schedule will be modified somewhat during May to accommodate SOL testing. In SEARCH we are continuing to build our creative and critical thinking skills. During the 4th quarter I like to emphasize writing activities. Futura students are wrapping up their innovation projects and continuing their literature circles.

Mr. Frye and Mrs. Clark PE Teachers

During the third nine weeks, students have been working on their bowling skills, jump rope skills, volleyball skills, and learning about the muscles in the body. We have some good volleyball players and bowlers, and our jump rope skills were outstanding.

For the fourth nine weeks, we will be working on our basketball skills, hockey skills, gymnastic skills, and fitness skills. During our basketball unit, students will be working on passing, shooting, and learning shooting games. During hockey, students will work on stick handling, passing, and shooting. Gymnastics includes students learning a variety of animal walks, balance stunts, and rolls. During our fitness unit students will be learning a variety of fitness activities and taking the annual fitness test.

***Circle Monday, June 7th on your calendar, as we will be holding our annual field day. Field day will be virtual again this year. About a week before we will send out a list of items needed for this year's field day and then on June 7th students will be able to participate in our annual field day. Look for more information in the coming weeks on field day​​​​.***​​

Ms. Nole and Ms. Moore - School Counselors

Counseling Corner- Mrs. Nole and Ms. Moore

Hi Emerick families! Your children continue to impress us every day. They are adapting to changes and are exceeding expectations in this not so traditional school year. The continued family support does not go unnoticed. Our Emerick community truly is a special one!

In counseling class, the students completed the career unit. Students received three lessons which provided an opportunity to explore and learn about different careers. There were some great discussions and the students were able to identify how their personal interests, talents, values and goals can be combined to find a job that suits them. Each student completed an artifact that goes in their career portfolio. How fun it will be to look back on each student’s career journey. The quarter wrapped up with our first Virtual Career Day. A special thank you goes out to eleven brave volunteers who embraced the virtual world and shared their career with our Emerick students!

As we move into the fourth quarter, students have many interesting lessons to look forward to. There will be a focus on diversity and embracing each of our differences. Students will learn about citizenship, flexible thinking, and study skills to help prep for the SOLs. Our fifth graders will receive lessons on 6th grade transition to help prepare them for middle school. We are looking forward to these last nine weeks of school!

Please remember that your school counselors and the UMHT (united mental health team) at Emerick are here and available to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out if your child or your family is struggling in any way. We welcome the opportunity to help any way we can.

Mrs. Nole amy.nole@lcps.org

Ms. Moore jennifer.l.moore@lcps.org

Music - Mrs. Eberhart


Kindergarten: Hello families!! I hope that your children have been sharing with you some of the things we have been doing in music class! We have started a song called “Down at the Beach” so maybe you can catch them singing that song! They have learned to “read” music as far as rhythms go and are able to clap them as well. If you hear ti-ti, ta, or rest, they are practicing. We begin to look at Orchestra Instruments visually this year and the students are able to identify many of them at this time. I love teaching elementary music as it should be FUN as well as educational!

Grade 1 : Hello Families! The first graders have been working on a song called “I Like to Sing Everyday”. I really miss having the students sing in my classroom! Along with that, we are working on keeping the beat while we say and clap more rhythm patterns. As they work on reading in the classroom, we are also working on reading music!! We talked about volume and how to read the music symbols that mean soft or loud. The students can identify the duration of simple music notes and use them by creating rhythms of their own.

Grade 2: Hello Families! In my last newsletter, I explained that we were working on new rhythms involving triplets and 16th notes. Now they are writing them!!! As I clap a pattern, the students can write down the notes that match the sound. This is called rhythm dictation and I love watching them work as they do such a great job! We started singing again with a song called “It’s Al Good”! See if they will perform at little bit for you! We are beginning to look at the Musical Staff in preparation of reading the notes in the music. We made a list of words involving the musical alphabet and can’t wait to place the letters on the staff! Once we learn this, we will be reading to play melodies in Grade 3!

Grade 3: Hello Families! The students in this grade have been working on reading notes on the treble clef; this prepares them for playing the recorder next year! We also started learning a new song called “Dancin’ on the Rooftop” where we have learned how to scat! Scatting is a “Jazz” terminology for using the voice to imitate instruments. As always, we continue to learn more difficult rhythms and apply them through clapping or the use of body percussion. I’ve learned of many resources online that help us get better and better!

Grade 4: Hello Families! The recorder continues!! I’ve been very impressed with how well the recorder is coming along with these students even though we can’t play in the classroom! At this time, your child(ren) should have earned their first three belts. Double check with them as their grade this quarter depended on it. As they earn a belt, they are to continue to the next song. We work on the songs during virtual and Hybrid classes. I also showed the students how to find a tutorial of me teaching the songs on their Schoology Music Page. Don’t forget that they can schedule a private session with me to get them caught up as well! I have faith they can succeed!

Grade 5: Hello Families! Can you believe your child(ren) are soon entering Middle School?? This year has gone by so fast! We have been working on preparation of their 6th grade music classes and what they should know before they leave Emerick! The most important concepts have to do with reading the notes on the treble and bass clef, understanding complex rhythms, and identifying orchestra instruments visually and aurally.

Library - Mrs. Alder & Mrs. Eubanks

Reminders from the Library

Readers in grades 2 through 5, don’t forget that we are celebrating our reading this year with Bingo! Students in grades 2 through 5 who meet their spring reading goal will join us for a Bingo game, either in person or virtually, and have a chance to win some great prizes! Students who reach their yearly AR goal will receive an additional prize. Yearly AR goals are as follows:

2nd grade: 50 points

3rd grade: 65 points

4th grade: 75 points

5th grade: 80 points

Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade will celebrate their reading every other week for the remainder of the school year. Students will complete weekly reading sheets from their teachers. Those who meet their goal on their reading sheets will receive a prize from the prize box.

Reminders about checking out books in the library. Students who are in the building will tome to the library weekly. They will have an opportunity to return and check out new books while they are here in school. Students who are in a distance learning model are still able to check out books from our library. Options include: curbside pick up through May and Monday check out times during the month of April. Students who are DL and would like to come in on Mondays in April to check out books may do so by signing up for a time at the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BAAAD23A0FB6-distance . Curbside pick up forms are located in the Library page in Schoology. Please email Mrs. Allder (erica.allder@lcps.org) if you need help with the forms or have any questions regarding book check out.

Author Visit: We are excited to be hosting an author visit with Erin Teagan on Thursday April 29th! We will host this visit virtually. Students in school will join in with their class and students who are at home will join us virtually. Be on the lookout for more information to come!

Happy Spring Reading!

Art- Mrs. James

Here’s the latest from the Art Room:

Kindergarteners are learning about cutting and gluing paper to make buildings and flowers. Next, we’ll learn how to draw people and animals.

First graders finished making “Fantastic Frogs” painted in bright colors. Next up they are working on designing a Superhero Mask using patterns and bright colors.

Second graders are just finished painted “March Lions.” Next up they’ll create “Japanese Cherry Blossoms” where they’ll explore painting using different tools.

Third Graders are finishing a longer project called “The Amazing Amazon Stamp Contest”, which gave young artists a chance to paint an animal. Their next project is a treasure island project that combines illustration techniques with map skills. Look for them later in April/ May.

Fourth Graders are starting an undersea painting called ”Glass Bottom Boats.” This project challenges student artists to design a painting that shows all the beauty of the undersea coral reef (connecting to fourth grade science).

Fifth Graders are producing their “Colorful Tigers,” chalk drawings in the style of pop artist Dean Russo. Coming up, our fifth graders will be using chalk pastels to design a southwest region landscape (connecting to fifth grade social studies).

Reading Specialist - Mrs. Lyons

April is also National Poetry Month! There are TONS of great selections on display in the public and Emerick library! Poetry exposes students to descriptive language, literary devices, new themes, ideas and rhythmic patterns. Many songwriters consider themselves poets! Here are some books recommended on scholastic.com for elementary students. If you have a favorite collection or a favorite poem, please be sure to share it on our Emerick Reads (and Writes!) Facebook page!

Poetry for Beginning Readers: Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young collected by Jack Prelutsky - Delight in this anthology of 200 rhymes and verses about the ordinary days and extraordinary imagination of children.

20th-Century Children's Poetry Treasury edited by Jack Prelutsky -Showcasing the work of more than 100 poets, this anthology contains kid-friendly poems for every mood or occasion.

Honey, I Love by Eloise Greenfield - An assemblage of free-verse poems explores the favorite summertime activities of an African American girl.

Never Take a Pig to Lunch and Other Poems About the Fun of Eating selected by Nadine Bernard Westcott Devour - This menu of delicious (and sometimes disgusting) poems accompanied by laugh-out-loud illustrations.

Shoe Magic by Nikki Grimes - Sixteen poems explore children's hopes and dreams for the future.

Touch the Poem by Arnold Adoff - Feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing...all the senses are present in these seasonal poems.

Wings by Christopher Myers - Being true to yourself is the theme in this inspiring book for young readers.

Poetry for Independent Readers - Discover a world of rhythm, rhyme, and free verse with engaging collections and novels for middle readers.

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech A boy discovers his poetic voice in this charming and poignant novel in verse.

Relatively Speaking: Poems About Family by Ralph Fletcher One by one, each poem describes a family member, until the entire family picture is complete.

Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl There's nothing "happily ever after" about these hilarious retellings of six favorite fairy tales.

Stone Bench in an Empty Park selected by Paul B. Janeczko Black-and-white photographs with accompanying haikus showcase the natural beauty of a city's people and places

Students are working on a reading challenge in the months of April and May! Ask your child about it and find a sunny spot to enjoy reading together! Also, keep your eyes open for some summer reading opportunities!