2.09 Selling Process

Camron Edging

1. Approach customer

This is the first encounter with a potential customer. Ask the customer is he/she needs help or ask "may I help you?

2. Determine needs

Find the customer's reasons for buying as early as possible. Observe, listen and question and engage them.

3. Present the product

Tell the customer what the product does. Don't show more than three products at a time, and show a medium priced product first.

4. Overcome objections

Legitimate reason, doubt or hesitation for not buying. Is the objection based on, need, the product as in color size or style, the source, price, or is it bad timing?

5. Close the sale

Obtaining an agreement to buy. Look for buying signals and be ready to close at all time. Be sure to help the customer make decisions, and create a ownership mentality.

6. Suggestion Selling

Selling additional goods to enhance the original purchase.

7. Build relationships

Follow up with the customer, make sure they were satisfied with their purchase. Customer service handles inquires and complaints, and keep client files.