Drop The Number Of Hunger

New York City Food Banks


So in SOHO, we are holding a cook-off between the little cafes and pastry places to promote hunger awareness in New York City. Within their creation they need to incorporate one of the Hershey product, which is Hershey Drops. To get in and you need to pay a ticket admission fee of $5 dollars. the people who attend get to taste the creations and vote for their favorites. The winner of the bake-off has to donate the money that is raised within the entrance fee's to a food bank of their choice. Some of the refreshments provided will be a fruit salad, baked goods, and fruit punch, of course water on the side too.

Hershey Company

This even would most likely help the company get it's latest candy known and promoted. Therefore the Hershey Company can make more profit and be able to give more to different charities. By doing that, their interactions with the community and reputation would become more positive. To promote the candy they would have baggies of samplers to give out for free and have the winner get month supply of the Drops to promote in their cafes.

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Come To Our Fund Raising Bake-Off On October 21, 2014 At 2:30 pm.