Jordan R.

Student Athlete Writer

About Me

I am a student at in junior high in Nebraska. I love to learn new things and I hope to become a teacher when I get older so I can teach other kids.

I love writing. I love reading fiction stories because it makes you imagine what would happen if this actually happened. I usually write fiction to, but some things could possibly happen. They're mostly short stories. Reading and writing just sucks you into your own little world where you are the character. If you locked me into a room full of books, I could be in there all day just reading!

Music is my life. I don't know what I would do without it. I listen to music everyday. It can change your mood from sad to glad. It could be from happy to happier! It just makes me happy and I always sing along. I plan on auditioning for the X-Factor when I get older, my mom told me that I should because I have a nice singing voice. I listen to music especially when I'm writing. I make a playlist of songs that fit the theme of the story and then it helps me get creative.

I love to play softball. It is a sport that runs in my family. You either play softball or baseball. But I enjoy playing it. It's really fun and I will play until I can't any longer.

I play for the Norfolk Golden Girls.

I have played the lead in a school play.

I did the school announcements last year.