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BREAKING NEWS: Theres a LOT going on in Egypt!

Right now this is not a good time for us Egyptians. Currently, as we all know we are under attack. We have decided to do a spotlight on the good family of the King of Thebes. Sadly, our king has just died, Taa II. How do you think his young boys of 10 and 20 would feel? Well, reporters from the Egyptian Times have personally interviewed the Ahmose (10) and Kamose (20) and their mother. Kamose says, "My father was truly a good man. He was kind, forgiving and a true king. One day, I solemnly swear, to defeat the the Hyksos and send them crawling back to the place that they belong... The dump." We interviewed a high ranked official of Thebes, the priest who civilians believe takes on the human body of the sun god Ra; he calls him self Rasen. Rasen says, "These poor, poor boys. Kings die everyday but the civilians of Thebes say that they have seen true relationship between these two boys and there father. Pray for Ahmose and Kamose and that one day they will defeat our invaders."

-Lindsey Bartoletta, Egyptian Times

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As you may have heard, Kamose and his men intercepted a Hyksos messenger delivering a letter to the Nubians. The letter was inviting the Nubians to join forces with Hyksos to attack Egypt. Here we have the letter itself:

Dear Nubians,

As you may have heard we [hyksos] have recently killed King Taa II along with his entire army. We have been hoping to join forces with you and conquer what is left of Egypt. Please return this message soon, so we can plan our attack on Egypt.


The Hyksos

-Camryn Herman, Egyptian Times


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Kamose for a pharaoh? What do the civilians think?

We have requested mail about what our Egyptian citizens think about our new king, Kamose. Below, are some remarks from our citizens on what they think Kamose will achieve for us.

Nenet, age 22: I believe good things are coming from Kamose. He seems like a mature young man. I am a big supporter of our previous king, Taa II, and as the saying goes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I believe we are going to get Egypt back for ourselves, in one piece.

Nephtys, age 19: I am worried about this boy Kamose. He is only a boy! I am afraid he is not mature enough for such a big job. Yes, there have been young kings before, but they never had to deal with the fate of Egypt! Good luck, Kamose.

Osiris, age 20: Go Kamose! Yes! Finally someone who knows what they are doing! This is going to be great; we'll get Egypt back for ourselves and things will go back to what they were.

Ramses, age 17: I am just going to be honest. I don't believe that Kamose is going to be a good replacement for his dad. I just have a terrible feeling. Everyone get ready... bad things are coming our way.

Thanks everyone who participated in this! Go to to have your comment featured in next week's article! Below is a bar graph based off of the civilians thoughts about Kamose!

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Kamose for King!

Earlier this week we interviewed Kamose to see his ideas about the Hyksos invasion. Kamose said that he wanted to get revenge on the Hyksos for killing his dad. “ I want to see them suffer just like my dad did,” stated Kamose. Since the death of his dad, Kamose has been preparing for the battle he is planning. The Egyptian army will invade the Hyksos and attempt to take over their towns. Kamose is keen on reuniting Egypt. After collecting a message traveling from the Hyksos town going to the Nubians that invited the Nubians to join forces with the Hyksos to conquer Egypt. Kamose states, “ It makes me mad that the Hyksos are still trying to defeat us!” He wants to show his dad that he can do it. He can take over his dad’s job. Overall, I think that Kamose will have a good impact on the new Egypt.

-Erin Gotlieb, Egyptian Times

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Ahmose, the Youngest Boy

Also, earlier this week we interviewed Ahmose to see his opinion on the Egyptian army led by Kamose. Although Ahmose is only ten years old, he sure does have a lot to say! “I’m very happy for my brother to be taking over my father’s job! I also really believe in him to invade the Hyksos and the Nubians but, I’m still very worried and nervous that I might lose another part of my family.” Why do you feel it is right to attack the Hyksos and Nubians? “ The reason for my father’s death was because of the Hyksos, therefore the Hyksos’ should be defeated, too.”

-Camryn Herman, Egyptian Times

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The Nubians: Friends or Enemies?

As some may know, the Nubians live south of us. They live in the Central Nile Valley. The name “Nubia” was given to the Nubians during the Roman Period. They could be a threat to us Egyptians because they are so close to us and could team up with the Hyksos to conquer us. The Egyptians must keep a close lookout in order to keep safe. I think that the new King will protect us. Nubia is one of the earliest civilizations of Northeastern Africa. It is divided into two regions, just like Egypt. We don’t know that much about the Nubians because the only times that we see them are during trading, and our spies see them. The people look very different than us, and wear different clothes. These Nubians are dangerous people, and should be conquered as soon as possible!

-Erin Gotlieb, Egyptian Times

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Ammon: The Great and Powerful

I'm sure all of you have heard about the mysterious old woman named Ammon, who claims to be a "fortune teller". We have seen interest throughout the civilians about this very sly lady. We interviewed Neith, age 20, who has recently been in contact with Ammon. Neith says, "This mysterious maiden is a wonder. She is truly amazing! She doesn't just predict future, she makes it. I went to this woman in a desperate situation. I asked her what would happen and she told me everything, EVERYTHING. She also helped me deal with the upcoming situation. Weeks later, it actually happened and I knew how to deal with it!"

We have gotten in contact with Ammon and asked her a few questions. Our biggest was, will Kamose be a good fit for king? She had a LOT to say about this.

Ammon says, "There a pros and cons to this situation. Kamose will die fighting for Egypt. In return, Amose will step up to be the new ruler. He will train for many years and defeat the Hyksos. Egypt will be one again and he will be our pharaoh."

Do you believe this? Do you think she is a real or just a fake? Send your opinions to us at to possibly be featured in our next article!

Below is a picture she sent us of her "predicting future"

-Lindsey Bartoletta, Egyptian Times

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