A Trip to Huntington University

By: Wyatt Davis

Dr. Sherilynn Emberton is the president of Huntington University.

I got to talk to the president of Huntington University. We had a very nice conversation during our lunch time.

Feild Trip to Huntington University

Our middle school's sixth grade went to Huntington University for a field trip. One of the sixth grade teachers named Mrs. Degitz planned the whole field trip. I think that everyone had a great time.

Huntington Sports

The sports that Huntington has are men's soccer, women's soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, cross country, track, volleyball, bowling, golf, tennis, and field. On the field trip, we learned about soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, cross country, and track. The coaches are Mike Frame (baseball), Tom King (cross country/track), Russ Lawson (soccer), Lori Culler (basketball), and Doug Gower (softball).

Hungtington Education

There are a lot of majors that you can get at Huntington. Some of the majors that we learned about are exercise science, nursing, theater, digital media, communications, art, and music. The teachers were Jonathon Hick (theater), Dr. Margret Winter (nursing), Joni Killian (music), Barb Michel (art), Mathew Ruiz (exercise science), Nathan Hartman (digital media), and Michael Rowley (communications).

I Went to the Sport of Soccer and the Education of Nursing

The Sport of Soccer

I choose soccer as my sport, because soccer is my favorite sport. The coach of the Huntington's men's soccer team is Coach Ross Lawson. He is also the coach of a team in Fort Wayne. Their name is Fort Wayne United. I play for the Fort Wayne Untied, but I play for a different team. Soccer at Huntington is very interesting to learn about.

The Education of Nursing

I went to the education of nursing. Dr. Margaret Winter is the main teacher for nursing. There was also another teacher and a student there to talk about nursing at Huntington. We learned about the human body, the parts of the body, and how to use a stethoscope. This group was really fun.