Titanic Lifeboat #6

Zachary Jimenez

Who was aboard Lifeboat #6?

Of the 28 passengers, the richest was Denver millionaire Margaret "Molly" Brown. Also, a feminist and writer from Washington D.C., Helen Churchill Candee was aboard. The crew-member in charge of Lifeboat #6 was Quartermaster Robert Hitchens. He eventually was thrown from power on the lifeboat by Brown but was assigned the role of being in charge of the lifeboat. A Mrs. Rothschild brought a dog onto the boat, one of the two animals to survive the Titanic. Major Peuchen was allowed onto the boat for extra hands to use the ores on the boat as there weren't enough rowers.

When did Lifeboat #6 leave the Titanic and did it reach the Carpathia?

What was so special about Lifeboat #6?

The special part about lifeboat #6 was the conflict and tension between the passengers among the lifeboat towards the man in charge Robert Hitchens. He is quoted to have a bad attitude and refusing to row. He was also said to have been slightly drunk and scared that they might starve or freeze at sea. It also tied together with Lifeboat 16 to keep afloat and look bigger for the rescuing boats. When they eventually seperated, they took a fireman from Boat 16 to help with rowing as Robert Hitchens had given up aswell as many other men. The reason it is most known is because it is featured in movies and shows because of its tension aswell as its meetup with Lifeboat #16
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